I had an awesome night. My goal is always to just talk to one girl, and I did it. I went to one of my favorite clubs, which is on the 14th floor of a hotel. It was early, 10:30 maybe, and there were only two girls there that were not with guys. Just do it. Shutting off my brain I walked up and introduced myself. After 48 seconds one girl left to the bathroom and I sat down next to the other one. We talked for ten minutes and we had some chemistry. Unfortunately she had to work so she was leaving. I knew she wanted me to get her number but I wasn’t going to. Then her friend rolled her eyes and told me to get her number. Ok, so I got her number. I think I’ll set up a date for this weekend.

Next, I stand in this nearly empty club for 20 minutes and ponder how amazing life is. Then I decide to give it one more go.

I accidentally find another penthouse club. Never been there in my life. Walking down a dark hallway I thought I was going into a dive bar, until I step onto the elevator and the guy presses a button for the 18th floor. I get there, it’s nuts. Dark, hot tub, weird fucking music. It felt like a place where people did lots of cocaine. I sat by the hot tub, looked out over the NYC skyline, and again, pondered how awesome life is. Then a cute Taiwanese girl sat down next to me and we started talking.

This was really interesting because I could feel the lack of chemistry. Even though we talked for a while we just didn’t click. I noticed that my eye contact was worse with her. It was naturally much better with the girl I met earlier who I really clicked with. Interesting. So after ten minutes of talking her sister pulled her away, I said good bye, and that was my night.


-Going out every night rocks.
-I love penthouse clubs.
-Tone of voice. I’m going to focus on speaking louder in clubs. Active effort here. SPEAK LOUDER and CLEARER.
-Going out alone is easier than I thought it would be.
-Girls are fun.