Today me and my wingman did some daygame in Washington square park. I only opened two girls in two hours but they were both really cute. One of them I definitely should have Facebook closed but I didn’t. I’m disappointed with myself for not pulling the trigger on that. The other girl was much less interested and I didn’t really see it going anywhere.

Overall though I’m cool with what we did (or didn’t do). Our daygame sessions are fun. We talk about game, compare hot girls, discuss what the best option at Chipotle is, and ruthlessly make fun of NYU students. It’s a good time and I always look forward to it. I’ll probably go out tonight too. No clubs, just a bar or whatever.


-Just as I’ve trained myself to open without thinking, I must train myself to Number or Facebook close without thinking.
-Daygame is logistically a bit more complicated but it’s almost the same shit as night game. Girls are girls.
-I’ve done so much cold approach in the last six months that it’s starting to become second nature.
-Once or twice a week I feel like quitting my awesome job, quitting game, moving into my friend’s place in Brooklyn and becoming an alcoholic who watches movies all day. That’s how I know that I’m pushing myself. If I’m not pushing myself and my life is “comfortable”, I don’t have these extremely nihilistic thoughts.