Since I’m sleep deprived I’m going to make this quick. Last night was solid. It started off at a bar in LES,  where me and him opened sets for two hours. The worst part of this was talking to an attractive blonde girl and feeling like the most boring man on earth. She was there to party and I was talking about work, so fucking lame. She was having none of it, I was judging myself for not being more interesting, it wasn’t very much fun. Not that I let it get to me though, I just imagined the day when I’m fascinating then I approached the next set.

Me and him walked over to another bar in LES to meet up with my friend, who is my main wingman at our usual spot in Williamsburg. The bar was annoyingly fucking packed. So jammed that it’s difficult to talk and you feel like a sheep. I don’t enjoy that. We left after 30 minutes and walked to Meatpacking. Tried to get into a sort of high end club, he got in but I didn’t. He came back out and yelled at me for being a shitty wingman and caring more about what a girl said than him. I told him my bad, and that honestly “It felt good to have cute girls paying attention to me.” He understood that, we moved on.

Walking to my favorite club, open a set sitting outside a bar. Go to the club with them, we all get in. Upstairs he’s with his girl, I open and open. Notable set. I open two girls and they’re all over me. Talking, arguing with each other, escalating on me while I stand there and laugh at them. Interesting dynamic. I approached the less attractive one, gave her attention. Made it seem like I liked her, but I really liked the friend who was cuter. As soon as I made that apparent, the less attractive one stormed off. The friend stayed, but said “I can’t lose her! We have to find her. She’ll just walk off and leave.” I say “No she won’t. She’ll stick around. Hold on two seconds, what do you think about…” This was 100% the right thing to do, but I didn’t hold the frame and completely ignore the friend problem. Instead, I fucked up by eventually saying “Ok, let’s go find the friend.” This was 100% the wrong thing to do. We find the friend, she steals my girl and when I try to say something she says “I fucking hate you. You’re a terrible person, you need to fuck off right now.” The most annoying apart about this was that before she said these mean things about me, she was about to get into the elevator and leave. If I could have held the cute friend for 2 more minutes, mean friend would have left for good. I fucked that up. Next time I don’t concede. I keep the girl, divert attention away from the missing friend, lead.

I see PUA guy from last night who hurt my flow for the evening. I give him a politician greeting, shake his friend’s hand, leave. I don’t let him suck me and drag down my momentum again.

Eventually I end up talking to an Asian girl who I find attractive. Good physicality, good leading. I do a good job. Eventually I leave the club with her. I didn’t really pull her though, she pulled herself. We walk with her friends to find their car, then we go to a diner to get some food. It’s 4am by now. As we’re walking into this diner we walk past Rhianna who is walking out, sandwiched between her two body guards. Jude Law on Tuesday, Rhianna on Friday, crushing it with celebrity sightings. Cherry on the sundae of going out in NYC.

We eat, it’s good. We split the bill. I take her outside and we finally make out. I could have conceivably gone for the pull but I really, really didn’t think it was going to happen. She wouldn’t even kiss me till after two hours, I think there’s no way in hell she is going to sleep with me. It’s also 5am and I have to work in the morning. Get her number, part ways, get 4 hours of sleep. Feel awesome about myself.

Major lessons

*Don’t focus on a girl at the expense of my wingman. If he’s talking to me he gets all of my attention, no matter what.

*I can do good even when it’s 3am and I feel low energy. I don’t have to be the energizer bunny to have results.

*If I end up isolated with a girl I should not be letting go or going out to look for her friends. Keep her, distract her, lead. Don’t let her go.

*Any signs that you’re invested in the girl can ruin in. Two nights ago, at the club. I’m sitting on a couch and the girl is talking to me. But she has to lean way over and it looks very uncomfortable. I get up and move closer to her so we can talk easier. BAM, attraction gone. She ignores the fuck out of me even though 5 seconds ago she was literally rock climbing over a couch to talk to me. Next time, I pull her around to me. I don’t move.