One of the big advantages of living in Williamsburg is that I can go out in my own neighborhood if I’m feeling lazy. Yesterday Schimanski was having a party so I agreed to meet up with my wing there. We arrive at 11:30 and there’s maybe only three or four sets. Have to make them count. I sit down next to a girl and we start talking. She’s from Paris and her English is not so amazing. This is fairly typical. Compared to Germans, Swedes, or anyone from any Scandinavian country, the French tend to not speak English so well.

Walk outside with her so that the two girls can smoke. We talk and it’s going fine but logistics are shit. Odds that a French girl will leave her friends and go home with a random guy from the club after twenty minutes are very low. So we leave that set. Open another girl who is dancing alone. She’s French too. Says she’s not with the girls I was just talking to, she came to see the DJ who is French.

Again, shit logistics. She’s on vacation, doesn’t speak English so well, she’s not likely to go home with a random dude. I try just leading her to the bar, which is literally ten feet away, but she won’t leave her friends. She actually takes three steps then stops, says in her French accent “I can’t leave my friends”.

So that was basically the night. About fifty minutes out in all. I’m fine with that. I really wanted to get out to keep game fresh, not burn the motherfucking world to the ground. I’ve noticed that if I don’t go out Sunday and Monday, by the time Tuesday hits my brain gives me so much shit and I have to deal with that all day which is annoying. Better to just go out for a bit, learn a lesson or two. Plus that’s six nights out in a row now. If I go out tonight (I think I will) that will be seven and then the regular week starts so that ends up being like 13 nights out in a row. Good shit.


*When speaking to the French girl and pulling her to the bar for some water, I could have been clearer. Could have said two seconds, it’s right there, we’ll come right back. Anything to get that initial compliance which would hopefully allow me to lead even more.

*A large obstacle for me is getting a girl out of the group. If she’s with her friend, or friends, I typically don’t try to pull. This causes me to lose out on a lot of opportunities. I need to work on that.