Tonight was pretty good but I want to start with what I fucked up while it’s fresh on my mind. First thing. I was in a basement bar dancing and having fun. A girl comes up and opens me and we start dancing. She’s grinding hard on me and doing that thing where chicks bend over and put their hands on the floor. All her lame as coworkers are standing around, clutching their drinks and looking jealous. It’s pretty funny. We talk a bit but I’m not really pushing the interaction to a more sexual place. I can vibe this out that she’s with this big group and she’s not going to let me pull her to a secluded area for a makeout. Also, even though we’re dancing our eye contact is shit and we don’t seem to have any chemistry. However, after a few minutes she isolates herself ten feet to the right. I immediately swoop in and get close because I think that she wants to talk to me alone. Nope, not the case. She immediately rejects me and now I look like a uncalibrated chode. All of the girls in the area see this and I feel like I lose the chance with all of them.

Ok, so what would I do differently? When she isolates like that I wouldn’t invest so much. I walked over and got very physical, even though I knew the group was right there and watching. Next time I would try something a bit more indirect where I got sort of close, but didn’t touch her, and instead made a statement or a joke. That way even if she responds like shit I still look fine and not like a chode. And if she responds great I can escalate from there. Jesus, this is a nuanced point. Stuff like this is why it takes so long to learn game. Nobody has ever made a video about what to do when a girl opens you, dances with you, but there’s a group of people watching her, then she isolates herself and you need to reopen. These are just things you have to learn yourself.

Next fuckup was not getting a number at the previous venue. It goes like this. I’m at the this club because my buddy is DJing. The place is fucking shit, it’s 80% dudes and 20% women born while Hitler was still being a dick. Finally a two set of cute girls walk in and I open immediately. However, they’re trying to find people and walk away. Ten minutes later the girl comes back to talk with my DJ friend and I reopen her. It goes good and we vibe. She leaves again and since she’s the only cute girl in the entire venue I decide to go to another bar. I flip-flop on whether to reopen her, and ultimately decide to do it. Very pleased with that correct decision. However, when I reopen her I just say a few words and leave, even though she was cool. I didn’t get the number.

Why didn’t I get the number? I don’t think it’s just me being a pussy. I think that statistically speaking I realize that club numbers are mostly fucking useless. However, I need to get into the habit of always doing it because even if only 1 in 20 numbers pans out, that’s still worth it. It costs me nothing to get the number. No downside, only upside.

Apart from that, rather uneventful night. NYC inner circle meetup was good. Got a number of a potential wingman. Talked to some cool guys, had fun. Even opened a couple of street sets, which leads to another fuckup. I open a two set of cute girls who are walking away from my favorite club in New York. I ask if they were inside and they say no, they tried but they decided not to go in because of mandatory coat check. The set is actually going good, they’ve practically stopped to talk to me. But then I just say something stupid and walk away. I could have taken that so much further! I could have told them about another club and taken them there. I could have told them about any other place and taken them there. I wasn’t fucking thinking. I have to capitalize on sets like that!