I had a solid feeling about the girl from Friday night and it ended up working out. I met her after work and we went to a few different bars in LES. Then we took the train way up to her place in Washington Heights. I was all for jumping into bed but she thought it would be better if we showered together. So we did that and it was fun. Then we jumped into bed and used some condoms. I got almost no sleep, we hooked up again this morning and then I left. Fantastic experience, it was the best ONS sex I’ve had since I started game and she gave me a blowjob that blew my mind. Some thoughts on what happened.


*After growing up with my sister for 18 years I developed this basic theory that 100% of the time whatever a girl says she means the opposite. This is a joke in some ways, but if you actually lived your entire life by this maxim you would probably be right more often than you are wrong. Anyways, when you’re in that zone with a girl where sex is looking close, she’ll often say things like,

We’re not hooking up tonight” or “I won’t bring you home” or if she really wants to test you she’ll say something like “You think you’re cool but it’s just funny because you’re not getting laid tonight.”

Again, refer to the rule I mentioned above. She means the opposite, she’s just giving you some bullshit. The proper thing is to ignore or make a joke out of it. If she gets into your head with it then you lose and she really won’t sleep with you. If you logically try to debate her then you lose and she really won’t sleep with you. My girl gave me two or three of these nags and I shrugged them off, joked about it, and then we went home and hooked up.

*First time in my life I’ve slept with two different women on two back-to-back weekends. Both were Jewish, both I met in LES, both live in Washington Heights only 10 blocks from each other. What are the odds..

*If you’re going out and you don’t have condoms on you you’re doing something wrong. You’re basically telling yourself: I’m not going to get laid, there’s no chance. Why don’t you just stay in and jerk off if that’s how you feel about it? Game works but it does require some self-belief.