This is my latest favorite club pump song, in case you want some field report reading music. It’s fair to say that going out solo is not a challenge at this point. I put in two and a half hours tonight and approached maybe ten or fifteen sets. And yet it’d be nice to have a solid wingman. I see random PUAs all the time and I sometimes drag them into sets. The problem is that they don’t fucking stay in set. It’s so frustrating. I understand that the girl may not be ideal, but is it really better to stand with your hands in your pocket instead of potentially learning a lesson?


When I reach a high level at pickup it will be for one super simple reason: perseverance. If I commit to something I do it. It’s 27 fucking degrees out and I loathe the winter and cold. I have a cold, I’m hacking up shit. I get out of work at 10:30, I would love nothing more than to go home. Instead, I walk thirty blocks to the bar.

Inside a blackout drunk Spaniard tells me I’m beautiful. I blow him off then open a set. That goes nowhere. I open another girl who is part of a fourset. The number of girls in a set has ceased to be such a big deal. Since I’m out solo I’m always looking for a girl whose alone, but if I see a girl and she’s with a group of friends, she’s still getting opened. This girl works for Google and introduces me to her coworkers. Six of them in all. I vibe for a while but this is going nowhere. Or maybe it is going somewhere but I wasn’t willing to stick around to find out. I talk to a German guy about the best neighborhoods in Berlin then bounce to another club.

Get up, it’s not very good. So I chill for fifteen minutes waiting for it to heat up, then I start opening. I do this for two hours then go home. Here are the notable sets and the lessons I learned.

Noteworthy Sets

*Three set of cute girls. I do a solid open on my girl without seeing her face. When she looks at me I’m pleased that she’s cute. I stick with her for about ten minutes but then the birthday girl shows up and the whole set goes to get drinks. This gives me a point worth making. I’ve heard that you can stick with a group, be platonic and simply win by attrition. After an hour or two the girl will want to go home, you take her home, by the time you get to her living room it’s probably on. However, I have no experience with this (I’ve never gotten laid doing this) so I’m hesitant to spend hours being platonic in the hope of winning in the end. I know this is bad thinking though, I have to start experimenting more and being open to new ways of doing game. In this birthday situation direct game will probably get me blown out but by being the social guy with the whole group I can stay in indefinitely.

*Open a two set of very cute girls and pull off a killer coldread.

Me: “I don’t think you guys are from here. I think you’re from Europe. Germany?”

They look at each other and giggle, I nailed it. I talk to my girl for about ten minutes but it goes nowhere. I’m putting in 93% and getting 7% back. That’s OK for a few minutes, but if it doesn’t switch to something more favorable it’s hell. Towards the end a dude comes in and tries to steal my girl. I make no effort to stop him. Short Indian guy but he had very solid game. There are no excuses, looks don’t fucking matter. I wish the world would just end this debate here and now.. With the set though I don’t think I was physical enough. I think I was intimidated by this girl’s beauty and so I wasn’t pushing it hard like I normally would. I noticed the same thing with the cute girl from the three set. If she’s cute I tend to keep it more platonic whereas if she’s a bit less cute I’m very physical. Have to watch this.

*I’m not putting the foot on the gas enough. I’m getting a lot better but I’m still not where I need to be. Open more, persist more, take more risks, go harder. I think that I’m only at about 20% of my full potential. I appreciate where I’m at but I always have my eye on a more kickass ideal.

*At the very end of the night a sweet Indian girl approached me and asked if I would dance with her. So I did. She was very nice but fell just under the threshold of my standards. She wanted very much to makeout but I wasn’t going to do it. We danced for a while then I made up some bullshit about just breaking up with my ex-girlfriend, told her to have a good night, then left. In this case maintaining my standards was more important than pumping my ego with a makeout.

*I did a really fucking good job of approaching tonight. Even though there’s still a lot of progress to make, I give myself an A+ for the night.