I did some ganster shit tonight. Standing by the exit I noticed a girl six feet away. She saw me and moved closer. This confirmed my fundamental beliefs that I’m amazing and girls love me. I started speaking and her eyes got wide. We had only been talking for a minute or two when her Uber showed up. I grabbed her and pulled her outside.

Is that your Uber?” I said, pointing to a grey Rav 4.

Yeah.. It was really nice meeting you!”


Pulled her towards the car and opened the door. She slipped in and I sat down next to her. Said, “I’ll go with you. I’m going to get the train anyways, it’s close to your place.” I had a vague idea of where she lived but know wasn’t a time for details. She didn’t kick me out but she was obviously nervous. I recognized this and immediately eased the tension. I started telling her about my work, joking about NYC, asking her about LA. When we got to her building I said,

Let me just come up for a second, I’ve got to use the bathroom.”

She skeptically replied, “Look, I feel like you’re trying to get into my apartment. I’ll let you use the bathroom but nothing is happening, we literally just met.”

She was right. I felt it myself, everything happened too quick. We had been talking for a grand total of 6 minutes and while we clicked there wasn’t any comfort. I decided to not push it. Got her number and took a taxi back to the bar. My reasoning for not going up, even after she said I could use the bathroom, was that it was too soon and I could feel her unease. If we had had just 20 minutes together at the bar it would have been a different story.

Other Sets

*Cute Norwegian girl. She was responding well to my physicality and had the big eyes. I was too scared to go for the kiss. I wish there was a more noble truth but there isn’t. I chickened the fuck out. I’m pissed because I really, really don’t want to lose sets this way. I’d rather lose them because I’m being too bold. I have to override that part of my brain that’s a bitch and go for it. It’s the only way I’ll learn.

*Taylor. We talked for a while but her friend was there. I was laid back, didn’t try much and I think that was the right move. However, where I fucked up was in not being proactive. Once I recognized that she liked me but was didn’t want the friend to feel left out I should have gotten her number, told her I’d see her in 15 minutes and then bounced. Instead what happened is she started talking to the friend which left me in an awkward situation. I intruded a few times and she always came back to me but not for long. Having a wingman in this set would have been ideal.

*Nadish. Super cute Indian girl, when she asked me what I do I told her I’m a prostitute. The set was going really good until this. Being silly blew it. Some girls like this kind of joking, some don’t. I should recognize that as a general rule, if a girl is Indian or Asian she probably respects guys who are hardworking and professionally inclined. Joking about being a whore is not a turn on. She was also professionally dressed, carried herself well and was studying law. All signs that I should paint myself in a more professional light and save the retardation for other girls.

*In general I’ve stopped talking to girls on the street, girls on the subway, girls on the way to the bar, etc. I think the main reason is that my brain has recognized that I’ve literally never gotten laid from these types of approach and it doesn’t see the point. I’m judging success by whether I get my dick wet. What I should do is look at each of these sets as a chance to become 0.001% less stifled. Also, they’re a chance to improve my bantering skills and eye contact. I don’t have to get laid, but if I open a 100 girls between now and October that’s going to teach me some lessons that I wouldn’t get otherwise.