Last night I got three new numbers. Each of them came after I talked to the girl for ten minutes or more, which led me to believe that they’re more solid. Well, maybe. I sent first texts out to all three and none responded. Maybe they’ll respond in the future, I can’t say. What could I have done better?

In all three cases I could have talked up our future plans better. Getting a number without discussing plans is virtually useless at this stage of my game. I’m sure if you have better game you can pull it off. But for me, I really need to be focusing on talking about our future date for at least three to five minutes. Without that I feel like the number lacks context and I won’t get the text back. Another thing I considered is taking the girl outside of the club mayhem to get the number. I would rather get the number in a quiet environment that’s more like real life, versus in the mayhem of the club.

Also, in two of the three cases I probably could have gone for the makeout. I kind of saw how I could make it happen if I was better at escalating. In both cases I had the eye contact, the doe eyes, and the girls were into me, giving me indicators of interest. However, I just didn’t quite execute as I should have. That’s going to be the next level. Probably within a couple of months I’ll have it down so that in that situation I could have made out with both girls.

What I did really well was leading girls. That’s my challenge for this week and up to this point I haven’t really being doing so well with it. However, last night I was in set, remembered the challenge, felt nervous but obviously decided to do it anyways. On an emotional high I grabbed the girl and moved her ten feet. Later, I grabbed another girl and moved her ten feet. And I did the same thing again even later. Always ten feet because it’s a super small venue.

So that’s three successful instances of moving the girl, which is way more than normal. In each case I was worried that the girl wouldn’t go because she wanted to stay with her friend. But that never happened. I did it on an emotional high, grabbed her hand, led, and she just followed. If she said anything I would say “I want to check it out over there.” That simple. I was frankly surprised by how easily all the girls let me lead them. In hindsight I should have led even more. Ideally I would also be in a club that’s larger which would give more opportunities to lead. Regardless, I can see myself moving girls all over the fucking place in the future, it was so damn easy!

My verbal game was also on point. Running out of things to say seems downright silly. It’s not as though I’ve become some master talker though. What’s actually happened is that I’ve become relaxed enough interacting with girls that I can just talk normally. Like if you’re with some girl you’ve been dating for six months, you don’t get nervous and run out of things to say to her. You just express yourself. I’m starting to be able to do that now. It’s more like a game than a scary chore.

That also brings up my next point is that since my game has gotten noticeably better in the last month, I’m beginning to notice girls noticing it. I mean realistically, in any given bar, there’s really not many guys who are talking to lots of women, being very confident, holding good eye contact, being calibrated, and doing all that dead sober. The average girl probably doesn’t get approached that often by a guy like that so I think that he definitely stands out.

The Club

It’s 2am and one of my wingman has already left. The bar has died down so me and my wingman decide to hit up another bar. Walk over and easily get in. Upstairs I immediately open a girl by spinning her. She’s Dutch and not that cute. We talk for a bit but eventually she just wanders off. Even though she did that, I’ve noticed that girls are leaving the set less now. I’m confident and attractive enough that they tend to stick around. They’re not begging me to come fuck them in the bathroom, but they’re not leaving after two minutes either. I like that.

Dutch girl leaves, I start dancing and randomly open another two set without even looking. It’s a Turkish girl and she’s in full on rape mode. Escalating hard on me, trying her best to kiss me. I’m not attracted to her which is unfortunate because she would be down to hook up in the bathroom or for sure back at my place. But I look at her and decide I would just rather not get laid than stick my dick into this. I say to her something that I’ve heard dozens of times myself “I’ve got to go find my friends.”

I loop around the venue, come back to the dance floor and start dancing. And for thirty seconds I go more into state than ever before in my life. It was cool as shit. I felt like I could do anything. I felt like I was on drugs. It was very brief then it faded. I wish it would have lasted longer, but still, something to look forward to in the future. For some context behind this, I base much of my behavior on Distant Light. He’s this ultra-charismatic dude who attracts women by being the most outgoing, most fun, most extreme guy in the room. That’s his game, him being 1,000% energy and crazy. He claims that women are drawn to him because he’s always the guy having the most fun, and women care more about having fun than anything else. A base principle. I’m emulating that behavior. So while it might not seem that dancing insane and not giving a fuck relates directly to game, it certainly can if you leverage that to a place where you’re having the most fun in the venue, opening all the girls and crushing it.

Anyways, stayed at the club till 3 then left. Four hours of solid game, dead sober. I’m 300% better at not running out of energy now. Funny to think that running out of energy, approach anxiety, and running out of things to say actually used to be issues. I laugh at that now.

Any how, that was the night. It was terrific with lots of good lessons. I did an awesome job of collecting phone numbers, leading, and staying in set. All three of these things are big focus areas for me so I’m very pleased with how I handled it all.

Areas to work on include seeding the date while in set, leading multiple times, and finding a way to physically lead to the makeout. Last night my inner game surpassed my outergame and even though I saw that two girls were down to makeout, I didn’t know how to smoothly escalate to that point. I’ve got to work on that.