One of my core philosophies in game is that I always want to be focusing on the 20% of effort that will produce 80% of the result. For example, certain fundamentals like eye contact, vocal tonality, posture, the ability to lead, and plowing matter a lot. I read about a natural who gets absurd results because he’s a master of persistence. He simply assumes it’s on and refuses to leave set. This makes up for his shitty conversational skills and generally awkward demeanor. That’s the type of thing that I’m interested in. I don’t care about some new super high success rate bullshit opener, or some flashy way to get the phone number. Fuck that. This is why I’m actively working on things like persistence and leading every set. You can be shit at talking and awkward, but if you lead well you can get laid. Same goes for persistence. Sometimes a girl will choose you just because you’re there. But that never happens if you’re not in set with her in the first place.. Anyways, let’s look at the night.

It’s been a week since I met that girl who invited me and my wingman up to the club in LES that I didn’t know existed. Well it’s Monday again and I’m going back there. I decide to try and find a few girls to take with me. Hit up Pianos, see two girls at the bar, immediately in. I end up talking to the cuter one. The conversation goes well but the whole time I feel like I’m trying. It’s very much conscious competence. I can’t wait till it’s more unconscious competence and I can handle that situation with ease. After ten minutes (notice how I’m doing better staying in set, no more 2 minute interactions for me) I invite her and her friends to the comped table club. She declines oh so nicely. I go upstairs in Pianos, it’s early though and there’s only one other set. Talk to her and I notice something. I can speak loud and make myself heard, but I can’t fucking hear a thing girls say to me half the time. This ends up in me pecking, or saying “what did you say?” a lot. That causes me to overinvest. It would be better if right off the bat I positioned myself close enough so that my head is no more than a foot from hers. That way I can hear and it’s all easier.

At any rate, she’s not interesting and I leave Pianos. Go to the club which is literally 30 feet away. Say what’s up to the promoter, pour myself a vodka cranberry and proceed to drink too much and get 0% better at game. Really fun night though! Awesome atmosphere. Everyone partying, having a good time. I talk to a bunch of different people. I dance with a girl who’s a 6 who I easily could have pulled. If I was a virgin maybe I would have done it. But I’m not, and the idea of sex with her just didn’t do anything for me. But it was interesting to see how easily I could have made shit happen. See that’s what I want to be able to do with 7s and 8s! Hopefully as I continue to go out though it will become easier.

After two hours the party is over, I say peace to the promoter and he invites me to his next party on Thursday. It’s in Meatpacking at one of my favorite spots. Again, I’ll go out beforehand and try to find some girls to bring with me. Add value to the system, give him a reason to remember me.

And that was the night. I got to get a tiny sliver better at game because of that first set I had with the very cute girl, and I got to attend a great party and have a blast because of my new connection with this promoter. Tonight I’ll be out in Meatpacking and focusing on leading girls and staying in set. This is especially important since it’s Tuesday and there will certainly only be a limited number of sets that it’s possible to open. Let’s make it happen!