I mentioned the girl from last Friday who I pulled from the bar in Williamsburg but she wouldn’t have sex because she was on her period. I obviously got her number and set up a date. I’ve never had a girl so enthusiastic to see me again. It was obviously a we’re going to fuck situation too and I think she was really happy about that. So that’s what happened. We planned to go to a funky club in Bushwick last night but we never made it. We got Chipotle, ate it in my kitchen, then I wanted to show her something on my laptop in my bedroom. That was that, she was great in bed.

So I got laid but I essentially learned nothing. Success rarely teaches the lessons, failure does. I’ve got another date tonight. Taking the girl I met on Tuesday to the club in Meatpacking. Solid choice because I love it there and they have the best bathrooms to fuck in of any club that I’ve ever been to. Ideally I’d prefer to pull back to my house and have sex there, but if it’s bathrooms or nothing I’ll choose the bathrooms. We’ll see what happens.