Damn, last night was new level. I think it’s the craziest I’ve ever been in a club. I was approaching everything, dancing, jumping around, had a bunch of girls staring at me, it was a blast. I brought a tanker’s worth of energy to the club. But even in the moment I knew it wasn’t effective in terms of pulling a girl. While everything blew open and I talked to 10 or 20 women in a short span of time, most of them probably thought two things.

  1. This guy is drunk as fuck and/or on drugs (in fact I was dead sober).
  2. This guy is too much for me to handle, I don’t even know what to say to him.

So what ended up happening is I approached all of the best sets early in the night with that tornado energy then when I started reapproaching later on, I found a lot of them dismissed me or the friends pulled the girl away. Probably most of them thinking, ewww, you don’t want to talk to that super drunk dude.

I did make out with a girl but I hardly even count that as anything. That’s just what I expect at this point, it’s a normal night. You’re best night now is your average night in six months, this dictum seems to ring very true.


*I started off the night strong by approaching a tall beautiful woman on the street. She was Swiss and it turned into a very good conversation. I think that at the end I could have kissed her. Didn’t go for it, perhaps due to fear or lack of belief. But next time I absolutely will. All I can think is about is how I failed to do the right thing, I wouldn’t have cared if she reciprocated or not.

*I’m proud that last night I deliberately approached all the cutest girls and stuck in set for as long as they would have me. I can feel myself acting rather strange and incongruent whens he’s especially beautiful and I have to overcome this. I will say though, I see progress from even just a few months ago. I’m having longer interactions with the cute ones and things are generally going better. I don’t think it’s long before I makeout for the first time with a girl where I truly feel like, holy shit, I can’t believe that just happened.