Mental flagellation for my actions last night. Pregame with the guys but I decided to stay sober. They had whiskey. Went to the club around midnight. Not much happening, checked upstairs and I saw two cute girls sitting on a couch. Sat down on the arm of the couch and started talking to mine. Realize two things,

  1. She’s tall, blonde and skinny as a fence post. Perfect, my ideal woman.
  2. This interaction has potential.

We talk for a while with me sitting on the arm rest, then I tell her to scoot over and I sit down on the couch. My wingman had sat down next to his girl a while ago. We talk some more and I’d like to go in for the kiss but I’m not sure how. We’re sitting next to each other and leaning in for it feels awkward. So I don’t do it. The club starts to clear out, I suggest we hit the afterparty in my buddy’s living room. Surprisingly they’re down. We get there, have a drink, I finally work up the courage to kiss her, she rejects it, I’m incredibly pissed I didn’t have the boldness to kiss her earlier when the window was open. I go home banging my head against the wall.


*The key piece I was missing last night was getting her to stand up to go for the makeout. Right before we left I had her stand up and we came close and I chickened out on kissing her, but the option was there. So next time when we’re both sitting down but I sense it’s time to makeout, I can wait till a high moment, pull her up and kiss her while standing. That’s the solution I was looking for last night.

*I think that beating myself over this is very helpful. What I’m trying to achieve is the courage, for lack of a better word, to do the right thing next time. The pain of rejection is nothing compared to the pain of regret. My game needs to be on point, no matter how cute she is.

*The thing I can congratulate myself on last night was closing the deal. Asking the girls to come to the afterparty and making that happen.

*Game has infinite possibilities. There are so many ways to achieve the end goal. As I get better and see the subtle variations I’m blown away by how much their is to learn. At the core of everything though I see one thing: emotional control. That is, your reality is strong and you maintain a steady good state no matter what’s happening around you. Without this the potential is limited.