Since I got off work at 6 I was wondering if I would go out. By 8 I had decided there was no way. I would just watch a movie. By 11 I was starting to question it. By 11:20 I couldn’t take it. Too much pressure to succeed. I pictured him asking me what I did on Saturday. Umm, I kinda stayed in. I stayed in Sunday too. His eyes bugging out, he doesn’t say a word and just leaves. I don’t know if he would do that, but it doesn’t matter. I had to go to the club. So I walked to Output.

Opened a girl, no big response. Opened another, she gave me a face like I had told her that breast cancer is cool. Upstairs I see a girl sitting by herself and I hesitate for a few seconds. Then I think what lesson can I possibly learn from not approaching her? None. I open. Her boyfriend shows up thirty seconds later and kicks me out. I open the final girl of the night and she’s responsive. However, I don’t push it. Actually I do something that I believe fucks it up a bit. Within 45 seconds I do a takeaway. She tells me that she’s from NYC but lives in Cali now. I say That’s so lame, you cheated on NYC! And turn my back. That kind of ends the set, she never tries to get my attention back.

So what I’m thinking her is that takeaways may be more effective once the girl is invested. So after we’ve been talking for a few minutes or after I lead her. They’re probably not so effective when the set is just getting started and we have no connection. Also, I’m becoming more aware that for me personally, I probably don’t need to try and generate a lot of attraction by doing lots of game tricks. I’m a handsome dude, who is sober, and who is confident and at ease approaching women. That probably puts me in the top 20% to 10% of guys in an average nightclub or bar. What I actually should be doing is building some comfort by telling the girl why I like her and giving some compliments. This is supported by my experiences in set. I’ve tried over and over saying something like “It would never work between us because…” or “I think you’re silly because…” Or whatever. That might work better on a hotter more confident girl, but 80% of the women I talk to are sevens or just barely eights. The few times I have given a compliment, it’s worked well. So that’s definitely something to work on. My personality is more naturally push than pull so I gotta balance that. Perhaps that set would have gone better if instead of busting her about leaving NYC and doing a takeaway, I had complimented her dress.

Other than that not much happened. I don’t care though. I’m super fucking happy I got out of the house, did some approaches, learned a few lessons, got to the club and had a fun time. I made a vow that I would never stay in two days in a row and by hitting up Output tonight I didn’t have to break a promise. Crushing it!