Last night was a fucking blast. It was me out having fun without feeling like I was trying. I opened everything which helped a lot. I was talking to women who I would never in a million years sleep with but that was fine. For one thing, women like this quickly become attracted and give you all sorts of signs that they like you. That’s a boost. For another, easier to keep momentum. Finally, I’m not filtering interactions so I’m less in my head.

I got two numbers last night which is unusual, I rarely take numbers. I opened a cute girl and talked to her for about ten minutes. I spoke a bit to her friend was well. At the end she said it was very nice talking to me, she liked me, but she really had to catch up with her friend, would I like to get her number? So I asked her when she’s free, made tentative plans, took the number and bounced.

Biggest regret of the night (in hindsight 15 hours later) is the second number I got. Opened a girl and immediately commented that she has hazel eyes just like me. She’s very cute and I’m attracted. We talk and then I find out she also has my exact same birthday! I can practically see her melt. Girls love this “fate” kind of thing. Hell, I think it’s cool too. The conversation is going good and I ask to move her outside so we can talk easier. She says no because she’s about to leave. I say that’s too bad, then ask when she’s free so I can set up a date. We figure out the details, I get her number, we say goodbye. The next day I’m banging my head against the wall. The best move here would have been to say:

Hey, I’ll walk you home.”

She lived 10 minutes away (I used the “I’ll walk you home” last weekend with great success). I’ve been beating myself up because last night I was unusually in the zone, this girl was really cute, had great logistics and she liked me. Everything was there but I missed the opportunity. I vow to not do that again! At the same time I also recognize that there are always more cute girls and I’ve not ruined my life.

I often get asked why I do nightgame and not daygame. What it comes down to is simply this: I think nightgame is the hardest. If you can crack that nut, you can do anything. This Tuesday night spot is a fucking shitshow of insanity. For me to go in there and have a solid fucking night is a big deal! I’ve gone there many, many nights and gotten destroyed. Daygame presents fewer challenges (in my opinion). Walking around in the park is pleasant. It’s not a loud and intimidating environment that can easily sweep you off your feet.

All in all I give the night an A. If I had asked / told that girl that I’ll walk her home that would have made it an A+, regardless of whether she said yes or not. That aside, my headspace was great. 90% of the night felt effortless and enjoyable. I was generating lots of attraction without “trying”. I also noticed I was being much less physical, only throwing it in there when I needed to.

Final set of the night, very cute skinny blonde girl. Kept trying to move her outside, she was refusing. Finally she said:

Just go out there and I’ll meet you outside in 5 minutes, I promise.”

Lord only knows if she kept that promise because I didn’t wait up.