First girl I talked to I ended up staying with the whole night. I didn’t end up pulling. A guy friend showed up and her cousin, who she’s living with (and is a manager at my favorite club in NYC), took one look at me and made the guy friend promise to get the girl on the train and home safe. My question: is this all just more bullshit? If I had led harder could I have gotten around the logistics and pulled anyways? I have so many questions about last night, I would pay $50 to see how an advanced guy would have handled it.

She never texted back after this

On a positive note, I set up a date to get some wine. I think maybe that will happen. I also texted the girl from last night and we had a brief conversation but it didn’t go anywhere. My texting game only seems to work when the girl is so into me that it doesn’t matter what I say. In retrospect I should have pushed harder for sex. We were there, it was on, fuck it. I let beliefs about what is and is not possible limit me. The more I go out the more these beliefs dissolve, but I still have a long way to go.

Tonight I may have taken the not chasing idea too far. I think that about an hour deep with my girl I needed to kiss her. However, I always go for the kiss. So in a way I’m fine that I didn’t push for it because I’m trying new things. And maybe it works out that tomorrow we go for wine, go back to my place to “see if the wine is good” and then we hook up. Maybe that happens, maybe it doesn’t, I don’t know.

This mindset of assuming attraction and being the prize, it feels really good and so far the results are good. I still have about a billion questions but that’s nothing new. I’ll go out a lot, talk to a shit ton of girls and start figuring things out. One strong change that I can make is leading harder and getting the girl out of the club. No seeding the pull, no bullshit, just grab her hand, say adventure, let’s go! And get her out. Deal with objections as they come up.