We ate a fancy meal, I came out of the restaurant and started running after a girl in a green dress. When I caught up with her she almost jumped in the air when I said hi. Didn’t matter, I stayed calm and we started talking. The interaction lasted about five minutes and I feel that it was very solid. When we got to her work she stopped for a minute and then I got her number. I texted her later but she hit me with the “How long will you be here?” text. This is the text that all three of us, in the Kiev Villa, dread.

The thing with Ukrainian women is that they’re stunning, but the idea of casual sex hasn’t really caught on. Women tend to date, not sleep around. Even on a date, they tend to expect to go on multiple dates before they hook up. Again, this is on average, I don’t want to suggest that by any means it’s impossible. So the challenge of hooking up with girls here is that we’re all leaving soon and we also don’t want to go on multiple dates. We often talk about how to combat these obstacles. Part of the solution is getting your game very tight such that a girl will sleep with you anyways, even though she doesn’t normally do that. The other part is that we all think it would be a good idea to come back here next summer and stay for a long time.

I opened a girl by commenting on her ankle tattoo. She was very nice and spoke good English, but said she had a boyfriend. She left after two minutes.

I opened a girl who was delivering some homemade backpacks to a store. They were actually really marvelous backpacks, I might go back and buy one. We walked and talked for a while, she was cool and attractive. When we got to the Metro I asked her out but she said she was engaged. She showed me the ring, then we said goodbye.

I opened a girl walking down the street. I could tell just by her vibe that she wanted to get opened. Sometimes it’s so obvious that you’d have to be crazy to pass it up. I introduced myself and it started going very well. I was feeling great and she was responding well. However, when I asked her out for a drink, she told me that she has a boyfriend from Miami. I told her that Americans are shady people and not to be trusted, backing this up by saying she didn’t have to tell her boyfriend and we should get a drink anyways. She didn’t bite, wouldn’t give me her number but I got her Instagram.

As far as I can remember that was it. Although I only got one number, all of these interactions went much better. It’s taking a few days to dial in the awesomeness but I’m catching on quickly. I’m opening better, getting better reactions, and moving things in the direction that I want. All the while talking to extremely attractive women. It’s wicked fun and makes me feel like a king.