Just like the night before, there was a single approach last night that really stood out. Me and my wingman were chilling at Le Bain on the top floor. I had already done four or five approaches and was fairly into it. After a minute I left my wingman in search of a set. There, I see a girl sitting down with her friend. My immediate bitch brain reaction is to keep walking. However, in under half a second I’m able to exterminate that response, walk up to her and introduce myself. Bam, in state for the rest of the night. There’s something awesome about doing that one approach that your brain really doesn’t want you to do.

Other than that it was an average Tuesday night. We hung out in Meatpacking for a while, then we took a half hour walk over to Pianos to open a few more sets. By the time we left at 3am I had opened every remotely attractive girl there. There was only 2 of them so it wasn’t that hard lol. However, my wingman did get a serious case of bitch brain and refused to a do an open at the end. Normally he’s awesome about opening, but I guess he was really stuck in his head. It happens, hopefully tonight is better.


-Instead of bouncing I’m asking girls to move. So far lackluster results, but I’ll keep trying.
-I’ve had awful success with asking girls to dance, especially when they’re sitting down. So I have an idea. Get the girl to stand up, twirl her, get a smile on her face, then ask her to dance. I expect my success rate to go way up by doing this.
-Hitting state is more like a feeling of indifference than a feeling of god mode. At least it is where I’m at right now.
-About 70 days of going out straight, minus 4 days I stayed in. I feel like that’s solid, and the type of dedication to get really good at this.
-I wish I could game with an advanced guy even just one day a week so that he could help me with my sticking points.