Last night was solid but not exceptional. My standards for exceptional have gone gone up. Started at Biergarten alone, first set the girl looks at me and says, you’re really nervous aren’t you. I said, yes, yes I am. They were nice enough but her saying that did something weird to my brain and I felt like a chode. Rinse it off. I went to Cielo, got my two free drinks, met up with my wingman, and we did a few approaches. Then I met Nick, who I met at Cielo on Sunday. He does some sets too, then we all try to get into Le Bain. Instant denial. So we figure maybe we’ll try to find some girls at Brass Monkey and try to get in with them.

Surprisingly this plan comes to fruition quickly. We don’t even have to go inside. On the street in front of Cielo we find two girls and pull them to Le Bain. They both have fake ids though, they get nervous and bounced. What would you do here, standing in line for a club you can’t get into, it’s 1:30 in the morning and nothing else is open on a Wednesday night? Exactly! Go back to Brass Monkey and look for more girls so we can get into Le Bain. It takes 45 minutes but we do it, and they’re very cute too. Three well dressed guys, two cute girls, I figure we’re good to go. Nope, denied. Shit, that sucks. I get the cuter girls number then they bounce. At this point it’s 2:30, there’s nothing open and we’re all tired. We call it a night. I did maybe 8 or 10 sets, my wingman and Nick probably each did 5.

I’m at a weird place with my game though. Usually I have a very clear idea of what I need to work on, but I’m feeling sort of lost right now. I’m not sure what needs improvement the most. So with no other clear ideas, I’m just going to keep practicing moving girls and opening as many sets as possible.


-We were definitely overdue to get denied from Le Bain.
-I danced with the hottest girl at Cielo yesterday. I was on my third drink, every girl on the dance floor was staring at her, I just reached in, grabbed her hand, and we started dancing. It was so much fun, not just because she was hot, but because we were yelling, laughing, jumping around, having fun and not giving a fuck. I love girls like that!
-Developing a new mindset. Girls love me, I’m entitled to the best girls, I deserve them. We’re equals at the club. This will be my new reality soon.
-Doing approaches on alcohol may bring better short term results, but it’s less rewarding.
-My motivation to get really fucking good at this is powerful.