Yesterday was just about as crazy as it gets. Between me and my wingman we opened at least 30 sets. We were crushing it, opening everything, having an outstanding night. My wingman got two makeouts, and I quickly ended a set when I tried to kiss a girl who didn’t want to be kissed. I did the same thing on Monday. In both situations I was about 80% confident they didn’t want to kiss me, but I was willing to go for that 20% chance, and learn from my mistakes. I don’t know what I learned, but hopefully something.

For me, the inspiration last night was to be crazy, have the most fun of anyone at the venue, and bring the party. Following that model, I opened a lot obviously, but I also focused on hyping my state, doing crazy things, being funny, and self amusement. I was dancing, saying funny shit to girls, doing wild approaches, and so on. I mentioned the other night my wingman had to put a gun to my head to get me to jump in between five girls and dance in the middle of their girl circle. Last night I did it without him there. Just fuck it. Push the comfort zone, always be focusing on doing the next scary thing. Rejections feel like nothing now. Last night I got about as harsh a rejection as I ever get and it affected me for about 3 seconds, then it was back at it.

Worth noting that we’re doing way more mixed sets now. We both used to be nervous to do them, and now it’s easier. I care a lot less about what the guy thinks, which makes it way easier to open.

So that was last night. A crazy Thursday that started at Pianos and ended three and a half hours later dancing at Le Bain, 18 stories high. So much fun, so much excitement. If this is now I can’t even imagine what six months or a year from now is going to be like!


-Approach everything. That’s the strategy of a champion.
-It’s easier to reach super state while sober. Alcohol is, after an hour or two, a depressant.
-Easily 15 approaches last night. I lost track after an hour, which is a good problem to have.
-Still very interested in meeting up with an advanced guy once or twice so he can give me pointers on my game.
-I’m willing to try ANYTHING if there’s a chance it will make me better at this. I’ve never given fewer fucks what people think of me.
-I’ve got to stop killing sets by kissing girls at the wrong time, and figure out how to get makeouts the right way.
-I’m moving girls more, that’s solid. Keep it up.