Last night I got drunk, went to my favorite club in NYC and fucked a girl in the bathroom. For about 34 seconds before security started pounding on the door. Before that I got kicked out of Cielo because I approached a set, refused to leave, and the guy summoned the bouncer. Then I almost got beat up at Biergarten because, again, I approached a set and refused to acknowledge the guy who kept threatening me and trying to get me to leave. Twats everywhere.

Fun night though. I pushed some social dynamics to the breaking point, then I got to hook up with a girl in the bathroom of a penthouse club on top of Manhattan. That’s my first night back after five nights back at home. I also met some girls who know my friend, and by the end of the night one of them was in to me and we said goodbye with a kiss on the lips. I imagine at some point I’ll look back on all this and see it as nothing. Just something that happens daily. Right now though it feels cool. Game, go out and crush it!


-Bathroom pull, done. Time to do it again.
-Having social proof by being introduced to someone is awesome. Really awesome. It’s like a cheat in the system.
-Great way to wind down my New York challenge.