Leaving the club last night with my two friends, we’re on the sidewalk, I’m yelling stuff at people on some rooftop and a set opens. There’s a very cute girl eating classic NYC street food, we start vibing, and five minutes later I get her number before we makeout to say goodbye. Cutest girl I’ve kissed all summer. Could I have her? Probably not. A very wise man once said a good way to measure the type of girl you can get is if you would break up with her. If we started dating, I don’t think I would break up with her. Too attractive. So while we had a great vibe and a nice makeout, I’ll probably never see her again.

At the club both of my friends refused to open any sets, so I open this blonde girl. We start talking, it’s going alright. Then she motions over my one friend. We both end up leaning against a railing. At first Megan was standing in front of me. Then over the course of five minutes she moved in front of my buddy. So I bounce, and he tells me 15 minutes later that they made out a lot and she was in love with his epic beard. So goes it.

I did some more approaches but nothing took off that much at the club. Which was cool, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. It’s awesome to have a social circle, I really enjoy it. I also enjoy knowing that I built it from the ground up and I can do it again. That being said, I really do want to stay in New York now and I hope that my boss chooses to hire me full time so  I can justify coming back from Berlin. Game full time, work full time. That will literally be my life. I’m down for that.

Also, I want to mention the retarded set I did while drunk on Wednesday. At Cielo I got myself kicked out. I opened a guy and a girl, they obviously didn’t like me, and the guy kept telling me to leave. But I didn’t. I just kept talking to the girl, even though she wasn’t responding. Then he started telling me he knew the owner, and would have me kicked out if I didn’t leave. I still didn’t. Yes, I was drunk. But not totally gone. I wanted to see what would happen. Would I really get kicked out, or was he bullshitting me? Can you get kicked out of the club for refusing to leave a set? I was curious to discover the answer. Well, as it turns out, yes. Yes you can. So I’ve found that out. Now I know. Not something I need to confirm a second time, but I’m actually glad I did it. I was very nice to the bouncer who booted my ass, so hopefully I won’t have problems getting in next week.


-Guys who don’t do pickup see a rejection and they don’t get it. They say “that one didn’t go well” or “you fucked that up”. I’m like, yeah, maybe. But you’re not seeing the big picture. Do 15 of those and some of them don’t go so well, and some are amazing!
-It’s great having cool friends, even if they’re not into pickup.
-Sex in the club on Wednesday, makeout with very cute girl last night, that’s motivation to keep pushing it hard!
-I’m way better at staying in sets and refusing to leave.
-Moving girls is crucial and I think I’m only just know realizing how important it is.