The New York challenge ended last night. Let’s take a look at the highlights. I went out about 75 days and I think that I opened about 400 sets in all. I wanted to do 500, but I don’t think that quite happened. I pulled two girls home and I got one bathroom pull. I missed out on two other pulls because of my awful logistics. I went on dates with two girls. One who I liked but logistics stopped anything happening, and one who was so unattractive that I have no idea what I was thinking when I got her number.

Going forward there are a few things I’d like to work on. The first is that I’m just now realizing that you can be too physical with a girl. So obvious in retrospect, so not obvious to me before. I’m going to reevaluate my game, and really focus on figuring out when to be physical and when to back off. That’s one thing. Another is leading. I think I’ve underestimated how important this is. I’m going to focus on leading every set and get really good at it. I think the result will be more makeouts and more pulls. These are the two big macro-issues that I need to get right. There are lots of other minor problems, but they’ll auto-correct as I keep going out.

My conversational skills are heavily improved now. I can talk more, I worry less about running out of things to say, and I’m more confident. This is great because being a silent chap has historically been a major insecurity for me. Also my approaches are sooooo much better. I go in at the right moment with the right eye contact and things just work a lot better. Sets just seem to pop open, I don’t feel like I’m wrenching them open with a crowbar. Finally my body language is much better. Stand straight, stand tall, and don’t peck. I used to do that way too much. Now I’ve got it almost under control.

Going forward I’ve got a 30 day challenge in Berlin starting on September 1st. After that I’ve got a fantastic job in New York lined up. Lot’s of money, flexible schedule, and I can work online for about half of it. In other words the perfect job to go with game, since I don’t usually wake up till 2 in the afternoon. I’m moving back to New York October 3rd or so, I’m getting a place in Williamsburg, and I’m going to start going out 7 nights a week until I have top 99.95% levels of game. It’s that simple. The journey will be complex but I know it’s achievable.

And finally… About last night.

I haven’t done a sober approach in a week. I’ve been reading books, watching movies and drinking beer. My brain DOES NOT want me to approach. Best way to defeat fear is with action. Go to a bar. First girls I see are a four set. Ok, there has to be something else. Next, a three set. Enough bitching. I walk up to a girl on her phone and introduce myself. The conversation goes really well, but it was only 80% there. Something was lacking that would have made it next level, makeout and pull just like that. She was very into me, very receptive, very everything. Just something was a little off and I don’t know how to fix it. I get her number and leave, wondering what I should have done different.

So me and my friend take a 45 minute walk to LES, and I open the first girl inside. She’s really into me and really married. She’s touching me, doe eyed, cute, and hanging onto my words. I eject when her husband comes back, but she didn’t want me to. The look on her face when I left suggests I’m more fun then the guy who put the ring on the finger. Later I do one more set, super weak approach. Then nothing, the night fades to black.

Funny enough me and my buddy are standing at the subway station when a cute girl starts staring at us. I say hey, and she’s like where do I know you from? It takes a second, but she remembers that we’re the two blokes who opened her at that same subway station a month ago. That gives us all a good laugh. I go home, read some Bertrand Russell, and pass out thinking about how I’m going to pimp it in Berlin.

The future is bright. My 30 day challenge in NYC turned into a 75 day road to glory. I accomplished a lot, but there’s a lot more to do. The first 2,000 sets don’t count, and I’m only at 400. Time to do some serious work. To Berlin!