I have a big obstacle in my way, and I need to destroy it. The boulder in the path is that my brain shuts the fuck down when I go out alone. It’s discouraging and makes me feel like I don’t have control over myself. So, this must be addressed! I’m going to take this obstacle and turn it on it’s head. I’m going to develop a set of steps that allow me to crush it and push it just as hard when I’m out alone as when I’m with a wingman. By doing so I’ll be able to improve faster, and I’ll also be able to share what works. So here we go, here’s the steps I’m going to take tonight.

1. Open the first set I see when I step into the venue. Instead of worrying about an opener, I’m going to always say the same thing. “I just came all the way here and my friend bailed on me, I’m so pissed!” Why is a set opener important? Because I noticed one of the reasons I bitch out is that I’m worried about what to say when out alone. First set, open with the same opener every time.

2. Stay in this set as long as possible, even if I have to go interview style and ask boring questions.

3. When it does end, immediately open the next set and say “I think studying a second language is really important, and I think it’s funny how terrible we are at in America”.

4. Move the girls!

5. Open a third set immediately afterwards, it shouldn’t matter what I say by this point, and stay in set without bouncing. By this point I’ll be on the right track and can take it well enough.

6. In general talk to guys and trolls throughout the night. Just be social. Without a wingman I need social support to keep the vibe high.

This might seem like I’m being over analytical or try hard, but fuck! I’ve found that if I don’t follow a very strict routine when going out solo, namely open IMMEDIATELY, my night turns to shit and I catch bitch brain. I know that I’m not the only one though. But what’s going to set me apart is that I’m not going to get discouraged. I’m going to spend the time necessary learning how to crush it while solo, which I know is going to help me level up.

At any rate, last night was a bit of a shit show. I went to the bar, didn’t follow my rules, and got stuck in my head almost immediately. I tried two dance floor approaches and got turned down. Then I went and had a beer at dive bar and talked to a girl for an hour. She was nice but very unattractive. After three beers though she got a bit better looking, which was scary, and I bounced. I went back to the first bar, but it was filled with people having a blast, I was totally overwhelmed, and left feeling defeated. My natural tendency to be very hard on myself came out, and I did my best to not emotionally abuse myself too hard. But fuck this attitude! Instead of moping and feeling like a bitch, I’m going to take action and find a way to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


-I’ll bet that with two weeks of consistent progress, I can build a solo routine that allows me to have a great night out alone.
-Illogical vibing is loads of fun! I planned a bank robbery with a girl yesterday that involved rattlesnakes. It was a very enjoyable way to vibe.
-I’m going to turn an annoying situation (going out solo) into a strength.
-Game is awesome. I feel more in control of my emotions, and less stuck in the Matrix.