Last night was glorious! My wingman made a recovery and he joined me for a night out of antics. Biergarten, two set of cute girls, bam I approach and we talk for ten minutes. The set goes really well, I refuse to bounce, and they leave to go somewhere else. Then I make my wingman approach. He’s been out 10 days and has serious bitch-brain. He does it though, and I open a three set while he talks to his girls. I’m talking about apples again. This happens all the time. At some point though these girls overwhelm me. They make me stray from my core, things get off, I say some retarded shit I don’t really believe, and that’s that. Set over, they tell me to leave. It was a learning experience though, very solid.

The set that confused me the most happened at Brassmonkey. We go upstairs, I see two girls and open them. I totally ignore one girl and focus on the other one, who is tired and boring. Then I turn to the other girl and find out, holy shit, she’s beautiful! So I start talking to her. Perhaps this is what I fucked up? I started talking to the blonde girl, discovered the friend is a catch, and focused on her. At any rate the set started well, went well for a few minutes, then just tanked. This is the one I’d like to know more about, if I had an advanced guy to discuss it with.

Did some others, and the most funny one happened in LES. I open two girls and my wingman REFUSES to talk. He’s a weirdo sometimes. So I talk to these girls for twenty minutes while my wingman sits there nodding, shaking his head, and freaking these girls out. It was annoying and funny. His demented idea of self-amusement. Regardless the set went really well. Everything went well yesterday. My game was on point and I had a wonderful time. Here’s to more nights like that one!


-Telling stories is a really powerful tool. I practiced the same story on five or six sets yesterday, to the point where my wingman asked if it’s canned material. It’s my own personal canned material I replied.
-Going out is fun! Lording the club is a blast, and silly mistakes are funny. That’s my favorite and most productive mentality.
-Going out with a wingman is so much easier.
-I had to practically physically force my wingman to open last night, his bitch brain was so strong.
-Six months from now, what’s my game going to look like?
-I was really good about trying to move girls last night. I failed every single time, but I also tried a lot. This tells me that this is another sticking point. How can I be more convincing and get girls to move then?