Last night was the 2nd time I didn’t pull because of my shit logistics, and the 1st time I fingered a girl in the club. I met this 40 year old Ukrainian lady who I would have definitely hooked up with. I pulled her all over the club, we made out a lot, and she was down to fuck, but like I said, I have awful logistics for pulling, and she said no way could I come to her place. Maybe she has a kid for all I know lol. So I got her number but I doubt I’ll see her again. It was kind of a there and then type situation, I don’t have any inclination to go on a date.

In other news, I’m very proud of myself for how I started the night. My wingman was late so I warmed up solo. Three set at Brassmonkey I told a story too. Totally fell flat, set went south, I ejected and felt elated that I got out and started solid. Biergarten, open two girls with a story. It falls flat but they’re amused and give me a chance to tell another story, which they like better. Then two guys come, of whom one is the cuter girl’s boyfriend. I’m kind of ignored and pushed out, but I feel like in a month or two I’ll be generating enough attraction that that won’t happen so easily. As I’m walking out of Biergarten I walk right past a two-set that I should have opened. Biggest regret of the day. I would have opened if I had a wingman, but I didn’t do it solo. Next time!

Afterwards I dance at Cielo, then we go to Le Bain and I meet Ukrainian woman who I spend two hours with. All in all a good night. I never once really felt like I was running out of things to say, which is huge for me! And I see the potential to start making out with girls a lot more. I’m going out tonight fully expecting to get a makeout. And same thing tomorrow, and the night after. My game is going up!


-I possibly could have done a bathroom pull yesterday, but that’s so far outside my reality that my brain shuts down. Going to have to change that..
-Telling stories is the thing which helps me the most with feeling like I never have to run out of things to say.
-I love going out and lording the club.
-I’m opening more sets, and staying out longer. That means faster progress.