Last night I have no idea how many sets I did, which means it was a good night. Any night that I can remember every set, that means I didn’t do enough. My biggest fuckup was that my very first set, two minutes deep, I should have gone for the makeout but I didn’t. My bitch brain got the best of me. She felt that I wanted to go for the kiss, saw I was too chicken, and the set fizzeld. Damn! I should realize that even if I’m not into crazy mode yet I can still makeout. Later on, in crazy mode, I tried kissing another girl but she wasn’t having any of it.

Also did some street approaches, including a set that I would not normally do. Pushing myself to the next level! It was a night of learning, so much fun. I love going out and being social. I think tonight is going to be awesome too. First the warmup club, then the afterparty at a cool club, I’m going to get a makeout tonight.


-Approaching is significantly easier. Thank god too, I hate feeling like it’s difficult.
-I’m about to level up sometime in the coming weeks if I keep going out and doing 10 or 15 solid sets every night.
-I only have about two weeks of going out in New York left, lets get a pull!
-My logistics are going to be way better in Berlin, so psyched!
-6am to 2pm sleep schedule, thank god I have an awesome job that allows for it.
-Webster hall actually has a dress code on Thursdays. Who knew, normally the people there have the trashiest attire of any place I’ve ever been.