Crushed it last night, most sets I’ve ever done. In the space of two hours I did perhaps 20 approaches. Here’s what’s most interesting about that experience. First, I didn’t reach any level of higher state. I didn’t feel any different after number 20 as I did after number 4. Second, opening began to feel robotic and unenjoyable. Sort of like studying for an exam for a class that you don’t care about. Girls picked up on this too, and towards the end of my rampage they started rejecting me almost instantly, which has never happened in the past.

That being said, I did do about ten dance floor approaches and I improved my technique. I also further cemented my belief that I don’t have a problem with running out of things to say. In fact yesterday I was perhaps talkingĀ too much. Which is a good problem for me. I’ll have to learn to calibrate, but it’s good to have that problem, as opposed to feeling like I have nothing to say.

Yesterday was also great because a few guys came out with us, we got them approaching and they were getting that high that comes with it. Guys breaking out of their shell, experiencing what it’s like to get over a fear and do something scary. It’s beautiful to see.

So that was yesterday. I did more sets in one night then I did in the first ten days that I went out. I had fun, I was sort of weird, I didn’t calibrate well, I did some great dance floor approaches, and I’m still not sure what exactly I learned. Except for reinforcing the belief that being scared of approaching is a bullshit belief that must be continually blown to hell with the proverbial shotgun.


-I did quantity over quality yesterday. Lots of good approaches, hard to say what the lessons are though.
-I have literally been 10% sick for a month straight. Maybe I should go to a doctor?
-My wingman does the craziest shit, it puts me into state just watching him crush it!
-I go out, I have fun, I lord the club. That’s my mindset. That’s my mantra.
-Sticking point: how to go for the makeout and get it.