Craziest approach of the night goes like this. It’s 4am, we’re waiting for the subway. We’re on the downtown platform. Across the tracks are four girls waiting for the uptown train. My wingman runs up the stairs, across the station, down the stairs, and gets into set just in time to photobomb their selfie. Mad funny. He does that, but he was so stuck in his head in the club that he wouldn’t open two Asian girls sitting on the couch.

Speaking of the club, Output is mind blowing. Saturday night after 2am it turns into the sickest party. Hearing destruction speakers, one guy whose only job is to run the lights, and a seasoned DJ who knows just what the crowd needs. I felt like a little kid. For an hour my attitude was forget the chicks, I just want to party! I still did some approaches of course. I did a fantastic approach on a girl who turned out to be a promoter for Output. Too bad the set didn’t last longer and I didn’t get her number. Other than that I really enjoyed last night just because it was so much fun! On Friday I approached 20 something sets, but honestly I didn’t have that much fun. Last night I did 6 or so but I was like a coke addict who just moved to Columbia.


-The best discipline: open the second you step into the club. This is so crucial.
-Output may be the best party in New York that I know of. I’m so excited to go back!
-My wingman is a pimp.
-I feel some changes taking place, I’m excited to see where my game will be in six months.