Solo last night but I had my sneaky friend Mr. Vodka to keep me company. Open bar at Cielo for an hour and I averaged one drink every ten minutes. I met a really cool guy named Nick and he wanted to check out Le Bain. So I opened a girl on the dance floor, we danced, then me and Nick bounced to Le Bain. Upstairs I got him into set immediately, then that was the last I saw him. I opened a cute Asian girl and spent half an hour with her. My words come out smoother when I’m drinking, I’m not sure how long it will be till I can be that smooth sober. Maybe a few months. At any rate, the best thing about this set was my calibration. Based on the dozens of times I’ve blown a set by being too physical, I was able to tell exactly how much physicality the girl liked and wanted. At the end nothing happened, she said she had a boyfriend, but regardless I still had a great time talking to her.

I immediately open another set and I spent an hour with this interesting woman. Like me she’s a writer, and we talk about that. She’s from some crazy country and we talk about that. She’s been to one of the hot clubs I want to go to, and we talk about that. At some point she tells me to back off, I’m being too touchy feely. I am very physical, there’s no denying this. So I stand there with my arms crossed lol then she tells me she liked me better the other way. I end up pulling her down to a taxi but nothing was going to happen. We kiss, then she goes home. I can’t help but think that if my game was just one level higher I could have gone home with her.

I retrieve my backpack from Cielo and take the long ass subway ride home. What a weekend! I made lots of money, I went out and had a blast, I was completely fucking sleep deprived and had bags under my eyes, and I loved every second of it! I was out there hustling, making my dreams come true.


-My calibration is way better, but it still has a long way to go.
-I’d definitely like to start talking to more guys at the club. Guy speak is a nice diversion from the wild randomness of talking to girls.
-It’s interesting to game while drinking, but just once in a while. I want to be able to lord the club dead sober.
-I don’t want to get good at game, I’m going to get good at game.
-I haven’t had to use the condoms in a while, it’s about time to get laid already.