I’m very proud of my first approach from last night. My wingman was late so I went to Pianos alone. I walked in and saw a two set sitting at the bar. My bitch brain really, really, didn’t want to open. Intense pressure to not have fun! But I was able to overcome that, walk up and approach. The rest of the night was great. It literally wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t open again the rest of the night, pushing back against my bitch brain and doing that set felt so good that I was filled with self respect for hours.

Of course some more sets did come to pass. My third set or so I met a girl named Adore. We chatted then I pulled her downstairs. I thought she was cute, and I think she liked me in the beginning of the set. Sadly, things sort of faded away. I lost the attraction. Another instance which shows that if I had more game I could have made something happen. Oh well, soon hopefully. Another interesting approach only happened because my wingman put a metaphorical gun to my head. It’s five girsl standing in a circle dancing. My wingman says “Go, into the middle and dance, do it!” I’m literally standing there in the club, tucking my head into my shirt and being a hilarious bitch. But I care about becoming great a lot more than looking like an idiot or listening to my bitch brain. I do it. It goes fine. I survived, I’m still alive, nothing happened. Next time I have something crazy like that to do it will be easier.

A note on ejecting. Me and my wingman both have a problem with leaving sets too early. Although we’re both getting better, improvements need to be made. So I’ve come up with this simple solution. As soon as I’m about to eject, I’m going to try to move the girl instead. Every single time. Hey, let’s go dance! Hey, let’s go downstairs to talk! Whatever.


-Once you do something scary and nothing happens, you can’t help but realize fear is fucking irrational.
-My wingman is a boss.
-It’s frustrating losing a girl and not knowing what you could have done differently.
-I’m so into this, and so dedicated to progress, that I’m beginning to feel like going out seven days a night isn’t enough. I want to do even more!
-I’d love to take dance lessons.
-Fuck the bitch brain, open! And congratulate yourself when you do.