Sometimes this pickup journey gets uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in that I’m becoming a new person and it’s an unknown. Even though I love the direction I’m moving in, it still means ditching years of old beliefs and ways of living. The old Leon sucked with girls, the new Leon is amazing. Girls love him. Not only that, but the new me is more disciplined, less intoxicated and harder working.

It’s funny to think about how long I’ve been doing this. Besides NYC I can clearly remember girls I’ve talked to in Miami, Berlin, Kiev, Copenhagen, Budapest and London. I’d say there’s been 2,000 to 3,000 of them by now but who knows. Anyways, loads of brilliant lessons from last night. I stayed out three hours and spent a majority of that time hitting on the ladies.


*First girl I opened was tall and rather cute. We had a natural vibe but my wingmen wanted to go upstairs so I followed them. Told her I would come back and marry her. I did come back and we talked for 15 minutes, it was good. I kept leaning in for the kiss but she always turned her mouth away. Finally she said it was time to leave and so I got her number. Actually going to pursue her, the vibe was solid enough that I think bringing it to sex would be easy.

*After I went upstairs I saw a cute girl sitting down. Walked up and sat down next to her. Ended up speaking for 20 minutes. This set taught me lessons and also left me asking questions. For instance, I was interested in the girl I was sitting next to, I found her to be awfully cute. However, the friend kept talking to me and trying to get my attention. At this crossroads I have two options:

  1. I can give short, lame answers to the friend and freeze her out. Focus exclusively on my girl. As far as I can tell this is high risk, high reward. There’s a greater chance my girl will be into me when she sees me ignore the friend. However, there’s a decent chance I’ll piss off the friend who will then make the pull impossible. This happened last week at the same club. I froze out the sister, generated lots of attraction in my women but then the sister destroyed the pull.
  2. I can pay attention to both women and become the group’s friend. Then, once they’re ready to go, I can suggest we go to the afterparty at my place. Once we get there though I feel like we still run into problems. Unless some unexpected threesome activity occurs, I’m left escalating on the girl I like while the friend sits there sad and craving attention. There’s still a chance she takes the friend and leaves.

So it’s really an interesting conundrum that’s complicated further by both girls being from Seattle. Tourist girls being less likely to leave each other and go home with a random guy. This is why they call it game, it reminds me of poker. You have an overpair to an unconnected flop. On the button you raise half pot and that slimy bastard on the BB who limped the pot check raises you. What the hell do you do? For my part I payed attention to both girls, lead them to the dance floor, leaned in for the kiss multiple times but she turned her head every time. Eventually the friend pulled her to the bathroom and I never saw her again. Big mistake was not getting the number and planning a meetup in 10 minutes or whatever. I don’t think I ran this well.

*Russian girl I talked to for 10 minutes gave me her Facebook. I kept leaning in for the kiss but she turned her head away many times. She’s traveling to Berlin soon, I told her I’d hook her up with my buddy in Berlin who throws parties at his house every weekend. Haha the sharks den, four RSD guys under one roof, that’s pretty much guaranteed sex for her if she wants it.

Outergame Discussion

*We can see that I leaned in for the kiss with three different girls tonight. They were all attracted, to some degree, and all of them turned their heads away. This drives me fucking bonkers! I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing wrong. There is some subtle subcommunication that’s FUBAR and is preventing these makeouts from happening. Trying to figure out the exact problem is like trying to get Donald Trump to stop lying. The only thing I can think of is that I need to just throw caution to the wind and dive in for it. Fuck this leaning in slowly and trying to calibrate. Just fucking plant a kiss on her lips whether she’s expecting it or not. I’m going to get plenty of rejections and torch some sets but I think it’s the only way to learn.

*I made a ridiculous amount of good decisions last night. I never stopped opening and I was always up for more. After two and a half hours I was ready to leave when I saw my natural friend walking up the stairs. To talk to him was to sign up for more sets, just when I was about to leave. I talked to him and we did another four sets. Also, there were two sets where I was about to approach then veered off at the last moment. Both times I said fuck this, forced myself to go back and approach. They both went well.

*A typical problem with going out on weeknights is that a lot of girls have to work in the morning. I always know this. Within 5 minutes of being in a set I consider it a fuckup to not know who she’s there with, whether she has to work in the morning and where she lives. However, this work thing is not helping because as soon as I hear it I never try for the pull. Sure, there are plenty of girls who won’t have sex on a work night, but there are plenty who probably will. Girls love sex with cool guys and if it means she gets four hours of sleep or shows up late or takes a sick day, she’s down for it. I must stop universally writing off working girls as unpullable.

*Changing up my game, I can see a benefit to getting girls numbers early in the night and seeding the idea of an after party or after drink at another bar. Then I don’t have to worry about losing them and if she texts me to meet up I know that it’s fairly well on.

*Jordan Peterson is the man. In this video he asks,

Do you really want it? If you do you’ll sacrifice to get it. If you don’t want it then you won’t sacrifice.”

He’s basically talking about game. I really fucking want this and I’m willing to sacrifice sleep, my hearing, watching movies, and my ego on the hundreds of occasions when I’ve looked like a socially uncalibrated ass. It’s great fucking fun but it’s also work. Guys not willing to put in the hours will not get good. Are you willing to sacrifice for it?