It’s interesting how standards change over time. Tonight I failed to makeout with anyone and so I consider it not such a good night. Even though I had fun with my wingman, talked to eight or ten girls, got the number of an attractive woman, that’s become normal. I need a makeout or two to consider it a good night. In six months or a year it may reach the point where I don’t feel it’s a good night unless I pull. After that it might not be a good night unless I pull a stunner. Then not a good night unless I pull a threesome. The rabbit hole has no bottom, but that’s OK. I’d like to start off this report by giving a detailed explanation of a situation and seeing if anyone has thoughts on how to handle it. Me and my wingman didn’t know the answer.

Scene: we’re with a two set in a basement lounge. My girl isn’t really into me. I haven’t burned it down, it’s whatever, but nothing is going to happen. On the other hand it’s going great for my wingman. His girl is horny, she’s playing with his dick on the dance floor and they’re making out. She’s down for an adventure. However, problems arise. This lounge is tiny and a bathroom pull is not possible. We could go to another bar but leading there is hard because my girl isn’t into me and so it’s difficult to pull off. My wingman’s girl won’t leave outright with him because she’s with the friend and they’re both from New Jersey and so they have a strong incentive to go home together.

What’s the right move here for my wingman?

We were stumped. After a while we just said that logistics got the best of us, my wingman set up a date and we left. But that’s not ideal. Getting this girl out again will be a challenge and the same night lay would have been ideal. Any thoughts?

I opened sets all night but nothing was fully clicking. I was a little bit off. Especially compared to the awesome vibe I had last Thursday when I was crushing it. I don’t even remember if I made out with any girls that night but I was just in this great zone. Back to tonight, in the set I mentioned above with my wingman, in retrospect I can see that I missed the opportunity for the makeout with my girl. It was there at about four minutes deep. The puppy eyes, the solid eye contact, everything. I didn’t realize it until it was too late though. The window had passed. What’s really interesting though is that I noticed it at all. That’s a sign of my game getting better. I never would have seen that even a few weeks ago.

Another girl at the second bar of the night was giving me puppy eyes but I couldn’t make it happen. I think one reason is that my physicality was too hit or miss. Like I would go in for the claw and hold it just to the point where it was sexual then back off. And touch her but just do it for a second then back off before it got serious. I notice that in general I do this too much. Let’s call it pecking physicality, instead of dominant physicality. I have to work on this, especially when I’m feeling off. I don’t have to be in state to just hold physicality. Just become aware that I’m doing pecking physicality, and stop doing it..

That being said, I think that in some situations I’m being 400% too physical. I think that in terms of getting the pull I would be much better served by being more indirect and using my verbal game and seeding the pull to get the girl out of the bar. Shit, I might not even kiss her till she’s back in my room. That’s fine, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to be making out with a girl to pull her, that’s a limiting belief.


*Even when it’s not fun, this shit is so much fun. I’m so glad I’ve stuck it out this long, it’s so much more rewarding to play at this level. I’m no longer exerting massive willpower to force myself to approach that three set. Instead I’m thinking about how to best approach it and which girl to go after. I’m not having my emotional reality dictated by every action of the girl, I’m feeling good no matter what. And loads of other stuff. The first nine months were a bit of a bitch but things are quickly changing..

*As best I can count my wingman madeout with three girls last night. Motherfucker, that’s a big notch I want to cross off my list that I’ve not been able to do yet.

*Subway approaches. I haven’t done another once since a week ago even though I think I saw thirty attractive women on my way to work today. Something has to change.