Last night I went out to a high end club and approached at least 15 sets. I didn’t want to approach 15 sets but nothing was sticking. At 3am I did the final set and the girls didn’t even acknowledge my existence. Other girls did acknowledge me but not for very long. By the end of the night I was fucking done. No more approaches, you would have had to pay me because it felt like jabbing a knife into my self-esteem.

This shit is fucking frustrating!

On a deeper level it’s fucking frustrating because I don’t think that I should be experiencing this six months deep in game after all of the shit I’ve gone through (or maybe I should? I don’t really have a reference to compare to). The rejections I can handle, but what really, really fucking gets to me is the fear that I’m out doing all this stuff and I’m spinning my wheels, not getting fucking anywhere. Am I changing, am I getting better? It sure as fuck doesn’t feel like it. It feels like I’m bashing my skull against a piece of sandstone.

On the bright side of things I did get to see Rhianna. She was very elegant and had tremendous poise. Kind of like what Marilyn Monroe must have had. Also the club obviously had some stunning girls and it’s a treat to see 9s and 10s hanging around.

Also it’s very important to share this point. I’ve come to the conclusion that the major flaw in my game right now is that I’m bouncing from sets way too quickly. Man, I can even point to a single set I did at the club last Saturday where it was going good and she was into me and I just left. That times loads of sets means I’m getting dramatically worse results than I should. So I’m implementing this idea of perpetual resistance. I stay the fuck in sets, no matter what. Even after a girl tells me to buzz off.

I did this well last night one time.

Her “Well it was nice talking to you, but I’m just with my friends right now.”

Me “That’s cool. It looks like you’ve known each other a long time.”

Her “Yeah, but I really have to go. Nice talking to you.”

Me “I’ve never been here before but it seems like a decent place. I like the DJ.”  


I kept this up till her friends physically dragged her away. But the thing is I could see the attraction there. As I refused to leave she looked at me like who is this guy, in a good way. This was the best lesson of the night.

Also, I tried the table neighbor drill. A guy I met in line bought me a drink and with that I walked up to a table of friendly looking guys and yelled “what up table neighbor!” While holding out my drink to cheers them. They were into it and it sparked some conversation. But obviously the idea is to get myself invited to that table, not just have a 30 second convo. How can I make that happen? I’m not sure exactly, but saying funny shit like “get the fuck out of here, you don’t belong in this club!” or “I didn’t know that they let guys who look like Borat into here!” Something that isn’t “where are you from?

At any rate, that was the night. I got some harsh rejections, I saw Rhianna, I had a guy from Qatar buy me a $20 drink, I tried table neighbor, I got to see stunning women, and at the end of it all I’m left questioning the fuck out of whether I’m doing this effectively or if I’m spinning my wheels. Like I said, interesting night.