Even though I enjoyed success last night there are still numerous lessons to learn. It was an interesting night. My wingman was supposed to meet up with me at 11 and we would try to get in to this club. Instead, at 10:57, he called me to say he’s still in Brooklyn, won’t be in Meatpacking for 40 minutes. This is disappointing but I take it in stride. It’s normal for him, I should have expected it. I continue reading some Stoic philosophy for another 15 minutes then walk over to the bar. It’s dead, dead, dead. Not a single set. At another bar there’s one set. I see it but don’t go in. The two girls are deep in conversation, not looking around, the way girls do when they want someone to engage them. Bitch excuse? I don’t know. Whatever, don’t care. Go to my favorite club.

Inside the coat check girl remembers my initials. Upstairs I go to the roof, bump into a blonde girl and immediately open her. This is what good game looks like. I’m not searching for an opener, trying to be alpha, whatever other bullshit. It’s just smooth and nice. She’s from California, she works for SNL, we’re getting along great. I’m enjoying talking to her more than I’ve enjoyed talking to any girl in a while. We have chemistry. Then my wingmen shows up. It’s him, the best wingman in terms of game that I’ve ever gone out with. That’s important to keep in mind as this field report unfolds. He joins the set for a minute, takes this girl’s number without asking for it, he just holds his phone out. Then he tries to get me to leave. This is where the night starts to get weird.

Look man” he says “I quit game but I only came out tonight because you said you were free. Now you’re leaving me here alone. Forget that girl, there are more. Bros before hoes man.”

I reply “This is the point of pickup right? Go out, find people, be social. I’m really enjoying talking to this girl. I like her, she’s fun.”

This goes on and on. We’re standing in the stairwell bickering like a married couple. Eventually I agree to leave the set and wing him, but I feel uneasy about it. I take the girl downstairs, get her number, then leave to wing for him. I end up talking to some drunk girl who smells like beer. I do not enjoy her very much. Then I look at my phone and see some texts from my girl. She wants to see me. I want to see her too. I leave my wingman to do his thing. I find girl. We talk. Then she goes to the bathroom and I lose her (see lesson below). Five minutes later my wingman finds her, then he finds me, tells me: “She’s down for a threesome!”

The short and sweet is that ten minutes later all three of us leave together. We go to her Chelsea apartment. My wingman pretends to smoke weed, pretends to drink a beer. I don’t bother with that bullshit, I just say “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke”. Eventually we all end up in her bedroom, my wingman does some card game, trying to get everyone to strip. She’s not down. At this point the vibe has become clear. She is not down for a threesome. She is, however, down for a twosome involving me and her. This is where things get weird. Again. While she’s on the balcony smoking a cigarette, me and my wingman talk.

Look, she’s not down for a threesome. It’s not happening.”

He replies “I know. I knew that when we got into the taxi. I just figured I would sleep here and talk to her roommate in the morning. That seems like a really good situation.”

No it doesn’t man. It doesn’t seem like a good situation at all. Look, if I was you, in your situation, I would just leave. That’s it, there’s nothing else. She wants to hook up but she won’t do it if she’s worried about you coming and going or whatever.”

He gives me a look like I’ve betrayed him. That’s perhaps how he feels about it. Can’t say for sure, I’m not him. However, in my world I haven’t. The threesome didn’t pan out, there’s no good possible outcome for him here. If I was in his spot I really would just leave. We’re in Chelsea, it’s not like it’s the Bronx. By now I feel about 0% bad about asking him to leave. Nor do I feel bad when he really does leave. The door closes behind him and five minutes later me and blonde girl are fucking in her king-size bed.


*The toughest part of the night was when my wingman first came in and wanted me to leave the set and wing with him. So many conflicting emotions here. I was really having fun, he was nearly an hour late so I had made my own night happen, I felt like he was guilt tripping me. I live by the idea of taking 100% responsibility for your life and I got the feeling like he was extorting me. My gut instinct, my strongest desire was to tell him to fuck off and go back to the girl. However, I didn’t do that. I chose to go with him. In hindsight (even though things worked out) this was the incorrect move. I’m not saying I want to fuck over my wingmen, far from it. But given all the aspects of this situation, I should have just stayed with the girl.

*I really, really, really don’t like certain pickup “tricks” or bullshit. For example, last night my wingman was trying to use card tricks to get the girl to take her clothes off. Fuck that. Better is just make out with the girl and then take her clothes off like you normally would. Other example, my wingman pretending to drink and smoke. Fuck that. I understand that it may make the girl feel more comfortable if someone else is getting fucked up too, but still. You will never catch me pretending to do that shit. Other example, my wingman spewing endless streams of bullshit. It works great for dealing with a chick’s objections when he’s pulling, he’s incredible at it. But actually getting a straight answer out of him or figuring out what the situation is, that’s damn near impossible half the time. By the end of the night I just wanted him to leave. I was so sick of the bullshit and “the plays”. This trick, that trick. My brain was tired. I think the night could have worked out a lot better if he was more straight up.

*In terms of technical improvement I fucked up a bit at the club. After blonde girl texted me I found her on the roof. Then I led her downstairs. She asked where the bathroom was. I was ready to walk her to it but she said “No, I can find it myself. I’m good”. So I let her go. Bad idea. She ended up back on the roof talking to two dudes. I don’t think she meant to ditch me, it’s just that girls sometimes get swept up in things. Guys lead girls or she sees something shiny and forgets about me. Whatever. Next time I won’t let her go. “No, I gotta pee too. Let’s go.” Keep her in sight.

*Something has clicked a bit and I’m attracting girls more now. I don’t know exactly what it is but my nights seem to be going a lot better. I pulled three weeks ago, I would have had a bathroom pull last week if it weren’t for the fucking bathroom attendant, and I pulled tonight. I don’t even feel like I’ve made any massive improvements in my game, but I maybe I just crossed a certain threshold at some point.

*I need to seriously look at getting into a good club on Wednesdays. I have ideas about how to do it, now it’s time to implement. I may need to spend $100 or so to develop a connection with the door guy but long run that’s 100% worth it.

*Probably a pretty good chance I never go out and wing with him again. That sucks a little bit because he’s really good and I always learn something, but I’m really not that upset because last night was just sort of weird. There was just so much bullshit flying around that I felt like my head was going to explode. I’m convinced that you can have top 1% game and pull stunners without having to spew lies and half lies all the time. That’s what I’m aiming for at any rate.