Generally I don’t believe in “burning a club to the ground”. Aka being very polarizing and doing crazy shit and either pulling a girl or ensuring that every single person in the place knows who you are and probably doesn’t want to talk to you. But tonight was different.

It’s Monday, everything in Meatpacking was dead except for Brass Monkey, so we had nothing to lose. We (me and two brand new wingmen) were there for half an hour and when we left here wasn’t one set left unopened. Here are some highlights.

Wingman opens a set, I go in to wing but it all dies and we’re done in less than a minute. I start dancing then grab a girl and spin her a few times and ask her what her story is. Turns out she’s Dutch and she just ran the marathon. We talk for a minute then she runs away.

Open another set, try to kiss this girl after fifteen seconds. She’s ok with the cheek but turns her head away when I go for the lips. I’m sure I looked creepy doing this which is fine, but she had some guy friends standing three feet away and that’s the type of thing that is borderline not so acceptable and could get me into a bit of trouble. Nothing happened this time but I should be aware that in a similar situation her guy friends could easily come up and shove me or tell me to get the fuck out.

More dancing, another short interaction. Then my wingman opens two girls, I go in and wing for him and end up talking to a very tall woman. She says she’s German (lot of Europeans at the bar) and we start talking for a while. Then at some point she tells me she’s actually Dutch. I ask why she lied, and she says “There was this weird guy talking to me and my friend earlier and we decided to lie and pretend to be German.” Then she gives me big eyes like she just caught me stealing from the cookie jar, and walks away looking at me like she’s expecting some crazy reaction.

Based on that I believe that she’s the girl I talked to earlier for 30 seconds, then when I reopened ten minutes later I didn’t remember her. To her this is some huge joke and she’s expecting me to feel weird or something. Here’s the thing. I’m very honest about my emotions. I have shit nights, I feel like hell sometimes. Occasionally I feel left out and alone and I have no problem admitting that. So with complete honesty I will say that I could not have cared less. This seemingly embarrassing situation meant nothing to me. Oh, woops. That’s funny. Where’s the next girl. I was pleased with my brain for not making a big deal out of it. I was taking action and approaching and if I can’t remember every girl, that’s a great problem to have!