The report from last night.. Written last night.. On the L train, back to Bushwick.. 

I don’t even know where to start. My brain is fucked right now. I’m feeding it so much raw experience and I seem to temporarily lack the processing power to handle it. The following things happened last night.

* My female friend got very, very drunk and starting acting obnoxious. She ruined my wingman’s set then mine.
* We saw Leo DiCaprio going into the club at 2:45am, just as we were leaving.
* I approached and approached and approached, even though I wasn’t in “state” or particularly into the night. Anyone who uses the excuse that they can’t approach because they’re not in “state” or “not feeling it” is a bitch.
* I refused to call it quits when I wanted to, and forced myself to do some more.
* No text back from the girl I met yesterday who I deemed to be “solid” and I said in my last report “will meet up with me for sure”. I ate my slice of humble pie.

My retarded fucking brain wants me to feel sorry for myself because I’m not getting laid right now. Yeah, fuck that shit. I don’t believe in pity parties, they’re weak as shit. So I’m going to focus on some positives. Like acknowledging that I had two or three interactions that were very solid. Above average for a loud, nightclub setting. I didn’t close any of them but I’m still pleased with how natural it felt.

The thing that I fucked up most was ejecting from the best set of the night. She was cute, easy to talk to, and a manager for the club. And I let my drunk friend come in and fucking burn it down. Some people would blame her. I don’t. I blame myself for not having enough game to handle that situation. Other than that, It was just another night of grinding it out. Awfully average night, but like I said I’m happy to note that my very average interactions were going 50% better than usual. Also, I’m gravitating heavily towards investment game. Ask questions, listen, and let her talk. That fits my personality better than being crazy outgoing and spewing lots of game.


-A female wingman (when she’s not drunk and fucking nuts) is solid. I’m sure of it. But she needs a bit of training. For one thing, I need to make it clear what kind of girls I’m into. For another, I need to get her to say things differently. For example, last night Becca was saying “we need to find you a girl” and telling girls that “she’s looking for a girl for me”. Yeah, no. Bad. Something better would be if she just chatted up a girl for a minute or two then said something plain and boring like “this is my friend Sam” or “my friend is really cool, let’s go find him”. A few simple tweaks could make the whole thing go better.

-Based on loads of failures I’m never again asking a girl to dance or if she likes to dance. Similarly, I will immediately stop placing my hand on the shoulder of a girl who is facing away. And just kind of keeping it there and then she thinks I’m weird or she totally fucking ignores me and I’ve blown the set. Find a better way, but never just place your hand on the shoulder of some girl who can’t see you. Fuck that, field tested, doesn’t work.

-I cannot conceive of a more difficult way to bring women into your life than cold approach pickup. My god! Getting a women’s attention and keeping it in a loud fucking night club with tables and celebrities and booze and stimulus everywhere. Holy fuck. If I can master this I can master anything.