Did a bit of post-lunch daygame today. It’s ludicrously easy in downtown Kiev. Stand in one place for 2 minutes and three gorgeous women will walk by. The first one I opened blew me off immediately. She had just watched my wingman open another stunner and I think that she didn’t like this. Or she was just having a bad day.

Next one, virtually no response. The one after that went better. A bit freaked out though. Probably not often that some boisterous American comes up and introduces himself. I can understand how a girl would be immediately on guard and not know how to act. I toned it back accordingly but there was no salvaging that.

We started walking back towards our villa when an incredible woman walked past. I turned to look at her and said:

Oh my god..”

My wingman says “Go man! If you don’t go talk to her right now, you’ll never see her again.

I chase her down. My other wingman advised me to take off the Oakleys so that I look less like a CIA cunt. I yank them off, run up to her and ask if she knows the best place to get coffee in Kiev. She has no idea so we talk about other things. I sprinkle in a bit of physicality but not much. My vibe was solid. This sounds like cliche, but it was obviously man to woman. Not chode scared out of his mind, to woman. I end up getting her number for drinks later on. She seemed excited about this and told me to call her. In retrospect I could have probably pushed for an instadate. That would have been a good move. Not angry though, I’m still getting a feel for daygame and what’s possible. Give me three months here though, forget about it..


*One thing I’ve noticed is that I consistently push past those moments where the girl expects you to leave. Like the last girl, she was getting Pepsi from the store and she turned and said:

Well, nice talking to you!”

I completely ignored that, as if she had never said it. Waited 20 seconds for her to get her Pepsi, then we just kept talking like nothing had happened. This shows a lot of Value? Persistence? Masculinity? I don’t know exactly what the right word is, but it’s very positive. It shows that you’re confident with what you’re doing, and you’re really interested in talking to her.

*I’m getting a better idea of what my goal is for daygame. I’m approaching to make a favorable impression, get her number, get her on a date. On the date my goal is to break that romantic barrier and then get her back to my place, which will be conveniently located minutes from anywhere I take a girl out to. This is all a different structure than night game, but a vast majority of the important bits are exactly the same.

*Smile when I open. I may not automatically do it because I’m feeling nervous.

*Doing game means becoming numb to reactions, positive or negative. No matter what happens, I know that I’m awesome. I feel good about my life and my decisions. If a girl rejects me, that’s fine. Nothing personal. If she likes me that’s great! But ultimately it doesn’t change much. I’m still going to be doing the same thing and feeling the same way whether we roll around in bed or not.