Found one set tonight. Talked to her for ten minutes, left. Walked all over LES but couldn’t find anything else. I’m really not going to miss NYC in the winter. Nightlife diminishes to almost nothing during the weeknights.

I have a theory about what it takes to get good, more time spent talking to girls. As long as you have a basic grasp of the direction you’re heading in and have a decent understanding of the fundamentals of pickup, I think that time spent talking to girls determines 80% of how successful you are.

Perhaps, and I’m less certain of this theory than the other one, the remaining 20% of your success depends on your existing beliefs. For example, before I got into pickup I spent six years telling myself that I’m bad with girls. That was my reality. To become better I’ve had to overwrite it with something better, I’m awesome and girls love me. This has probably made my pickup journey somewhat longer. An average guy who has average beliefs, I’m cool, some girls like me, I’m a good prospect, may make faster progress because he doesn’t have to unwind years of shitty beliefs. This is just a thought though, I’m not convinced I have it right.