**Favorite new song for reading field reports too**

I think it would be interesting to start by talking about the worst part of last night, which was: I felt like I was being ostracized from the group of guys I was out with. Given the cold shoulder if you will. It was me, my aspiring promoter friend, and his friend who I’ve met one other time. Sometime around 1:00 I started getting this vibe that I wasn’t a part of the group. I don’t really mind getting laughed at or rejected by strangers, but it hurts when it’s my own friends / wingmen who I’m out with.

However, I have a policy in life. Something along the lines of radical responsibility. Essentially I don’t ever want to blame another person for a problem that I’m having. Even to an extreme level. For example, let’s say a drunk driver crashes his car into me when I’m walking on the sidewalk. Even in that fucked up situation I want to accept responsibility that I chose to be walking on that sidewalk and I’m responsible for my own circumstances.

So in regards to last night, my thought is not: “Fuck these guys, why are they treating me like a fat girl at a Victoria’s Secret event?” Instead, I’m thinking more like: “Ok, this really sucks. However, I know these guys are cool and I must be doing some anti-social stuff that’s causing me to be in the out-group. What are the reason for this?” These are my thoughts:

1. These guys have been friends for years. I’ve only hung out with them a few times. They’re much better friends and the third person is sometimes excluded. I’ve probably done the same thing to other people.

2. Last time we all hung out I was super in state and fucking crushing it. In that situation I may have been somewhat of a douche, and now that they have more power they’re reversing the role. However, if that’s the case, I’m the person who started it..

3. I may be talking too much about myself and my situation, and not trying to find out what’s up with them. Aka taking value and not offering any.

4. I may have given them good reason to feel like I’m not a team player because I’m always running off to talk with girls and not doing it as a group effort.

5. Maybe I’m just over-analyzing the shit out of the situation.

In any case my main thought is how can I make sure this doesn’t happen again? How can I improve myself so that I don’t get put into a situation that I don’t like. Don’t complain, don’t blame others, don’t be a bitch. Man up and find a constructive solution.

Now, for the girls

The first rule of going out is to approach the first set immediately. Three minutes after we get to LES I see two girls on the sidewalk and I don’t even think, I just go talk to them. Rejection city, but I’ve already forgotten them by the time I catch up with the gang 30 feet away. We wait in line for 15 minutes before getting in to the bar.

Once in I open a girl or two, then decide to hang up my coat. I get it up on the wall, turn around and see a girl standing right there. I get close and say “Listen, I just hung up my coat on the wall. I like this coat a lot and I don’t want anyone to take it. I want you to stand here all night and look at it to make sure it’s safe. You cannot look away but I will occasionally bring you drinks to keep you alive.”

Well that set the vibe and we ended up chilling for about an hour. She honestly wasn’t that cute and I really didn’t want to sleep with her. However, she was fun as hell to talk to. After ten minutes some weird guy approached my coat-watcher and we started yelling at the top of our lungs like he was about to rape her. This is hilarious because this bar is so packed you can’t even move. I’m screaming “We need an adult, we need an adult!” And both girls are yelling over and over and I’m almost crying from laughter.

Over the next hour the set sort of fizzles but I was ready for that to happen. These girls wanted guys to makeout with them or whatever and I just wasn’t about it. So they eventually began to look around for other blokes and I moved on. But not before taking some selfies and getting both their Facebook’s. If I ever go to London I now have some crazy chicks to party with.

Other than that nothing really stuck. We opened some girls on the street and that went OK, but nothing writing home about. We opened other girls all night but it just never really happened for anyone. I think we all had fun though. Also…

Last night I had two girls hit me up to go out with them. My friend who I went out and got drunk as hell with on Halloween, and the girl I made out with on Friday at Le Bain. That’s so cool! I’m out gaming at the bar and I have girls texting me to hang out. This is just the start too. As I get better and better, more girls are going to keep hitting me up. In six months I want to be rolling out to the club with girls three or four nights a week. I know I’m capable of that no problem. I mean yeah, it took six months to get two girls to hit me up to go out. But now that my game is 5x better it’s just going to get nuts…