Decided to mix things up and do some daygame today. Got to Union Square around 1 and met up with my wingman. First set was OK but the girl was shy and I was too physical so I ended up getting blown out. Second and third sets went poorly, the girls thought I was selling something. I attribute this to poor openings and in general having the vibe of a person who is looking for something, as opposed to just kind of stumbling into a more natural open.

One set went well, the girl liked me but she was walking into a restaurant and I didn’t do anything to move the interaction forward. In retrospect I would have asked her to hang out for “two seconds, two seconds” then chatted a bit more, got her number, set up a date. However, I lacked the killer instinct to pull it off.

Opened another set or two but nothing to write home about. My wingman did a much better job. He does lots of daygame and is obviously more comfortable with it than me. Overall really fun time though, I enjoyed it. Since it’s getting nicer out maybe I’ll start doing daygame once or twice a week. Mix it up, take game outside of the nightclubs and bars.


*In general I wish that I had approached more. Even the unattractive women. I saw the opportunity to build up this session the way I would in the club. Multiple girls, multiple opens, make it epic! It was still a blast but I never opened enough to get it to the point where things are really moving and going in the direction that I wanted them too.

*My wingman says he has zero problems with girls thinking he’s some dude selling shit, whereas that was a big problem for me. Some calibration required.

*I’ve been getting more into the idea of approach invitations. That is, girls seeing you and giving you a sign that they want you to approach. This is something that my mentor Distant Light has talked about, among other people. What I’m realizing is that in order to actually pick up on these you have to be fairly attuned to what’s happening and aware of the surroundings. Then you need the quick reflexes to act on the invitations. I lacked that today. I saw a cute girl walking towards me and we made solid eye contact. She gave a small smile, flipped her hair and made it obvious she was interested in me, but I didn’t act on it quick enough. By the time I fully processed everything she was ten steps away.