Daygame in Union Square with one of my wingmen. Five minutes in I approach a girl and ask her if she voted today. I speak to her for about five minutes then bounce. She’s not really that attractive and I’m not really that into her. However, I have never felt more comfortable talking to a woman in my life. I did a solid approach, I wasn’t saying shit I didn’t believe, I wasn’t really anxious, I wasn’t running out of things to say. It was all just good.. My wingman said that as I walked away she was looking at me the whole time.

So over the next two hours we walked all around the park and I opened another five girls or so. Of note is one girl walking in front of me who I creeped out. Came up behind, lightly tapped on the shoulder and say hey. She either ignored me or didn’t hear me. She kept walking. I tried again, this time louder and a firmer touch on the shoulder. Blown off in five seconds. I still have not gotten very good at opening a girl in front of me. I suppose since I plan to continue doing daygame this is something I should look into.

Also of note, me and my wing see a model standing by herself thirty feet to the left. We all look at her, she looks at us, we keep walking. Then we stop and I say “Once of us should open her”. He says yeah, then instantly comes up with excuses why we shouldn’t. “She already saw us. It would be weird.” I almost fall into this frame, then I say fuck that! I open her. Totally unreceptive and she literally walks away from me after twenty seconds. I can’t control that. All I can control is that instead of bitching out I went and approached. Next time hopefully I can do a better approach (on a modal quality girl) by walking straight up and not turning around to do it.


-Have to figure out a better way to open a girl walking in front of me.
-Day game is fun, I enjoy it.
-Later on, walking down to Soho, I caught girls looking at me left and right. After doing approaches I get an awesome vibe.