If nothing else we got some good exercise. Two plus hours of walking around Washington Square Park and Union Square. I did ten or twelve approaches. Of those only a handful went past initial introductions. I’ll break those sets down to see what the lessons are.

1. Make eye contact with a cute girl sitting on a bench and I immediately talk to her. It’s a solid open, I sit down next to her so we can keep talking. The initial two minutes is good but then she ceases to be engaged in the conversation. She starts giving one word answers and looking more towards her friend than me. I don’t know what to make of that. I interpret it to mean the set is over, she’s not interested. What would I do better? I honestly have no idea.

2. Open a girl about to cross the street, we start walking together. Very strong eye contact and things are going well. We talk about architecture and one of my favorite books, The Fountainhead. She’s about to head inside and I ask her out later in the week. She politely declines, says she’s very busy and has a boyfriend. Despite this it was the most solid set of the day.

3. Open a gorgeous girl sitting on a bench. She’s Russian so we have some things to talk about. We chat, she’s very nice and the conversation goes well. She says she’s looking for a camera store and I say I don’t know any. Then she finds one on Google Maps, says it was nice to meet me and starts walking off. In retrospect should have said something like:

I’ll walk with you there.”

My own lack of belief stopped me though. I tend to assume that a very attractive woman like this has multiple opportunities with guys and has no need of me. There are affirmations like “believe your game is a 10″ or “believe you’re the best option for every woman.” Ok, you can say these things but they’re sort of hollow if you don’t have massive experience to back them up.

4. Girl eating lunch, I came up and we talked for about five minutes. It went well and I could have probably gotten the number but she was just not quite cute or interesting enough. But then again I wasn’t being that interesting either. It’s confusing.

5. About half a dozen other girls that just failed to open. Biggest mistake: trying to get a girl to stop and talk when instead I should have just started walking with them.


*I like nightgame better. I like being loud, obnoxious, and doing bold approaches. I like the atmosphere and sometimes I even like the music. Daygame is tamer and things go a bit differently.

*The hand of god has been working great for me in the club but it’s shit during daygame. Girls are going places, stopping them is not the best option. Better to walk with them.

*What is the essence of game? What am I missing that I’m not generating more attraction? Like that girl I opened who was sitting on the bench, that should have gone great! Very solid open, good eye contact, I was exhibiting multiple attractive behaviors as I understand them and yet it fizzled out after a minute or two. I would really, really like to understand why..

*Daygame requires running after girls, it’s a must. You lose so many opportunities if you don’t pursue girls who are thirty to a hundred feet away.

*I passed up two or three sets that I considered “too hard”. As usual, I regret that and I vow to open those sets next time. The more I open the more experience I get the more freedom I have in my actions.