So far in Ukraine we’ve only done daygame. Today we went out and I talked to three girls. Having only rarely done daygame I’m not fantastic at it, but game is game. A few more approaches and I’ll be doing fine. Here’s what happened today.

1. Cute girl waiting for her friend. We vibed, I closed space a bit and put my hand on her shoulder a few times. After five minutes I said we should meet up and get a beer later. She agreed, said she’s free today or tomorrow. Ironically I’m not free at all, I have to work. I didn’t think that through when I asked her out. In terms of my intent, I wonder how she perceived me? Did I come across as a friend, or a potential guy to hookup with? In night game I’m intense and it’s clear what I’m there for. I’m not so sure that I express that as well during the daytime.

2. In the cafe with my German buddy when we see two super cute girls walk by. We run out of the cafe and I run to catch up with them. Talk to the cuter one who doesn’t speak much English. We start chatting in Russian. I’m continually throwing conversation out there and she’s giving me little in return. I don’t think it’s going badly though. I think that she’s nervous and shy. Eventually they get to the cafe they’re walking to, I get her Instagram and we part ways.

3. See a girl coming out of the building, my wingman asks me if I’m going to open her. I hesitate for a second then I run after her. She’s 100% not into it and hurries off as soon as the light changes.

That was the day so far. We’ll probably do more later. There are so many cute girls in Kiev, daygame is a breeze. Walk up, introduce yourself, chat, ask her for coffee right then or set up a date. All within 5 minutes. So easy. What I need to work on is expressing my intent better. I want to come across as a guy who is going to fuck her, not a silly dude to practice her English with.