I’ve been on a streak of awesome for a month or two and I keep waiting to have a shitty night. Thought it would be last night but it didn’t turn out like that. Instead, I ended up having a blast, making out with two different girls and feeling like a king. Was out with the whole entourage. We tore up Meatpacking, approached everything in sight and made a solid run of it.


*The first girl I made out with was pretty uninspiring but she was really into me. I was down to pull her and took steps to make that happen. Unfortunately she was with a friend who was staying at her apartment and they also had to drop another guy off at the train station. I tried to bounce them to another club, my girl was down but the friend vetoed. By this point I was in it for 30 minutes and decided to try other things. Got this girl’s number, walked 15 feet away, bumped into a cute blonde girl and we started making out within twenty seconds. Fastest I’ve ever gone from makeout to makeout in my life. That was pretty cool. This second girl was just leaving with all her friends. In retrospect I should have made myself part of the group and gone with.

*Pickup is about 1,000% easier than it used to be. I feel good when I go out, I have fun, approaching is easy. My mental state is on fucking point 95% of the time. I think that if I had good logistics and was going out 6 nights a week I could be pulling once a week at this point.

*Having a plan for how you pull is fucking crucial. I love how my one buddy does it. He has a bar right by his house, invites the girl to hop in a taxi and go get a drink with him there. They pull up in front of the bar, he says he just has to use the bathroom real quick and pulls the girl to his place. The rest is easy. It’s so fucking simple, so beautiful. For me I have no logistics so I’m asking girls what their favorite bar is by their house, remembering that name and then later in the interaction I suggest we go grab a drink there. Hasn’t worked yet but I have faith.

*I suspect that a big part of sleeping with more attractive women is going to be stepping up hard. Doing really solid approaches that will set me apart from 97% of other guys who are bugging out when they approach a hottie. That being said, I’m still not fully onboard with pulling super attractive women. I have some weird mental blocks in my head. I see a hot woman and it’s like my brain shuts down. It’s really annoying but I’m putting faith in the process, trusting that I will overcome this in time.

Haha I may have told her that I’m a prostitute…

*That girl from Saturday texted me last night. Fairly suggestive text and I ignored the hell out of it. When I left her that night she was giving me all sorts of shit. After a while I got fed up with it and said,

Are you sure you don’t want to come with me, this is your last chance..”

She was taken aback because she was the one denying me. She said no. I said goodbye and I have no intention of ever seeing her again, slutty text or not.

*Last night on the way home I caught a handful of girls making extended eye contact with me. I don’t know how the fuck girls are able to tell so quickly when you’re really in the zone or not. On a regular day I still feel good and have good posture but they’re not fooled. It’s only after a night of carnage that I get eye fucked.

*Saw John Mayer last night. Tremendous haircut, that man has.