Sometimes I have nights where I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything. Last night was like that. We spent two and a half hours out and I feel like most of what I got was wringing in my ears. Let’s look at some of the sets.

Girl from Hong Kong

This chick was weird. She wouldn’t tell me her name. She kept making me guess things about her. She was like a black hole, sucking up investment. I never reached the hook point. Eventually I had enough and I left. The thing about it is that I feel like this girl actually wanted to be with a guy and have an adventure, but she was just too weird and socially stupid to make it happen. I’m sure I’m not the only guy who she’s pushed away. The lesson I learned here is that I should have left ten minutes sooner. No point wasting my time with crazy.

French Girl

Arguably the most pullable girl of the night, and she could have been nice looking if it wasn’t for the fucking cigarettes! God how I hate it when chicks smoke. At least when a 22 year old is doing it the cancer hasn’t gotten a chance to take hold yet. But by 30 a woman has probably been smoking for 15 years and it’s obvious. Fuck that, gross. Next.


First set of the night. She was at the club alone. We had chemistry, we vibed great together. If only she was a bit better looking I could have probably pulled. But it was the first set and we had a whole night in front of us so I left her. Got her email though, invited her to a Jungle party happening at a house music club next week. Maybe I’ll see her there. Could probably pull her in twenty minutes if I’m feeling it.

Irish Girl

This was the most interesting set of the night. I didn’t know what to make of it. I open a cute girl who turns out to be Irish. It’s her last night in New York but her flight doesn’t leave the next day till late. She’s sitting down on a tall bar stool, I’m standing next to her. We talk for almost half an hour but nothing ever really happens. I didn’t feel any kind of click with her. One thing that bugged me is that she would hardly give me any eye contact. I don’t know whether that’s low self esteem or she just wasn’t interested. It was frustrating though! If I would have done anything differently it would have been to try and isolate her with her friend and just go for the makeout for the fuck of it. Really though this set was just weird and I would have left after ten minutes if my wingman wasn’t there.

So that was it. Weird night. I keep coming back to the same conclusion: I have to start getting into better clubs on Wednesdays. No other option. Make it happen.