Crazy times. Pregame beers at my WeWork then we took an Uber to the club. Got ushered in and met up with another wingman. Said a few words and then I opened some women standing around. Turns out they were Swedish, the one I was talking to was OK. Better than most 40 year old women, I’ll bet she was really something when she was young. We were on the dance floor, too loud to talk so I lead her to the couches. Big surprise, my promoter friend has a table and they’re cracking open some Stoli. Not one to beat around the bush, I pour myself a glass and start making out with this Swedish woman.

This goes on for a while, I lead her all around the club, I’ve lost my wingmen forever ago. Finally it’s time to leave, it’s 3am or something, I’m pretty drunk and I find out this lady is staying in a hotel a few blocks away. Take her downstairs, find a taxi. She says,

Thanks so much for getting the taxi, really nice to meet you!”

Yeah, no. I get in with her and we give directions to the driver. She says,

“OK, so it’s great you’re bringing me back but you can’t come in! My roommates are there.”

Yeah, no. I tell her I have to use the bathroom. We get to the hotel, ask for the lobby bathroom, pull her in and lock the door. She sits on the sink, we’re making out but the buzzkill is that I really have to pee. Really, really fucking bad. So I do it, come back and we start making out but she isn’t going to have sex. I think maybe she was married and was borderline this whole time. When I was peeing that gave her logical brain enough time to kick in and stop it. Or whatever, but not sex. I would have whipped my dick out but it wasn’t hard. So fuck it, still had a blast. Reminds me of this time when I had sex in the hotel bathroom and this other time when I didn’t have sex in a club bathroom. The woman was all about it but I’m pretty sure she was married and wasn’t ready to break that whole till death do us part crap.

Thoughts on the Game

Everything I did last night was on fucking point. Moved her at the right time, said the right things, kissed her at the right time, had the balls to overcome resistance and got her to the bathroom. It was all fucking rock solid. I was drinking though, have to take that into account. Here’s my thought on drinking.

Half the time it makes my game horrible because I’m sloppy and annoying and a total jackass. The other half of the time it gives me about a six month boost in skills. That is, with a few drinks I feel like I’m as good as I will be in six months, after I’ve done countless sets and had countless experiences. Like Tyler always says, go out a lot and in six months you’re average set will be the best set you can do today. So I feel that it gives me that boost. But fuck it, it’s not a regular thing. I do it sometimes and I don’t do it other times. All in all, game is a fucking blast and unexpectedly having a promoter and a bottle of Stoli show up at your favorite club is always cool.