My promoter friend from way back invited me out last night so I ended up at some random bar in LES. I talked to all of the women he brought out, had some drinks, danced. I had fun and have a few thoughts.


*Since my friend introduced me to all his girls I had an in, it wasn’t like cold approach. That being said, game is still required. I was really interested in a cute blonde girl and I hit on her all night. But whatever I was doing wasn’t effective because she ended up leaving without me. I really don’t know where I fucked up exactly, I’m not even sure what I would change for next time. Which leads me to the next point..

*When I drink I don’t feel like I learn anything. It mutes those emotions that lead to growth and I generally feel blank when I think back on the night. As opposed to being sober where I’m usually conscious of the lessons and I can point out what I would change.

*Last night let me see how you can take the skills you learn from cold approach and parlay them into an awesome social circle. Having a social circle would also be an easy way to get laid frequently without having to go out so much. Distant Light pointed out that cold approach is not the end goal, it’s a means to become awesome and to build a healthy social life. That’s what I’m aiming for.