Man, last night was so much fun. Total fucking opposite of Wednesday night when I left the club feeling like a pile of scum. Fuck that. This time was different because I had wingmen. I’ve proven that I can go out solo and kick ass but it’s usually not as much fun. About 1/3rd of the time I’ll find some cool set to stick in for the whole night and it’s gucci. But the other 2/3rds of the time I don’t find that set. I lose momentum faster and don’t enjoy my night as much. Anyways, the story is that last night we wanted to go to a high end club but I got denied at the door. So we took the next step and went to my favorite club in NYC. Got there at 11 and stayed till 3. Even then I still had energy but there were no sets left, we opened everything.


*No problem maintaining energy last night because I continually opened. Every time I would feel the slightest pang of not wanting to open (these typically come 5 minutes after last opening) I would go out and find a set. Also, it helps a lot to have a wingman to chat with between sets to keep the social vibe alive. It’s a reminder that I have the potential to go hard and have a blast the whole night, but I have to put in the work to make that happen.

*One of the first sets of the night was three Dutch girls. I liked my girl and I’m really pleased with the way I isolated her from the group. After a few minutes I grabbed her hand and said:

Let’s go over there to check out the view. Come one, two seconds, two seconds, it’s really cool!”

And I led her over to a new section, leaving the two friends with my wingman. Despite this I couldn’t find a way to make the makeout happen. What the fuck gives here? I know she wanted to, I can see it, I know I wanted, I felt it. And yet it didn’t happen. It’s like as soon as a girl reaches a certain stage of cute my game isn’t capable of handling the situation the way it ought to be. So frustrating. Eventually the girl’s friends rejoin and we all hang out for a while longer. At one point I try and kiss her but she denies it. That’s the thing, I can physically force myself to try and kiss girls but I already know beforehand that it’s highly unlikely they’ll be into it because I’m going for it at the wrong moments. I struggle with finding that exact right moment for the makeout then pouncing. That’s killing me.

*I was crushing it last night with confrontational openers.

Why are you here?” or “Who the fuck are you?” or “Why are you in my club? I’m having you kicked out.”

These come out naturally when I’m in a great mood and they come out embarrassingly retarded when I’m out of state. I was having fun though last night so they worked great. I used one of these strong openers to pull in a cute girl and go for the kiss in a minute. I got it but she didn’t want to makeout. Haha I tried pulling her out of the club after three minutes to go get pizza but she literally ran away laughing, it was pretty loco.

*I had the opportunity last night to pull but I chose not to. There was an Asian girl who I talked to for five or ten minutes and it looked like she was ready to rape me if I had been passed out drunk. She kept trying to buy me a drink and I kept telling her that water is the thing for me. I’ve slept with girls at her attractiveness level before and I feel little need to do it again, even when it’s all but a guaranteed pull. Same thing happened the night before. Even though I was having a shit go of it there was one girl who liked me, who was by herself, and who wanted to sleep with a guy. Solid 50% chance I could have pulled there. So if all I cared about was numbers I could be racking up more pulls pretty quickly. But I care about more than numbers, I care about the girl being at least thissss cute. I’m holding out for better girls, even if it means I go home alone more often. Got them standards bitch!

*I have the belief that I need to be as physical as possible and go for the makeout in every single situation. This is so much better than being a timid bitch who lets sets fizzle. However, I’m 100% sure there are situations where I’m being too physical and I’m thinking short term: get the makeout now but don’t get the pull later. Remember the golden rule: if I can get the girl back to my house at 3am, even if she’s only mildly attracted to me, there’s a strong chance something will happen. That being said, I’m going to keep being very physical but I want to keep my mind open to opportunities where it might be better to chill the fuck out and just go for the pull, even if we’ve never made out. I can especially see myself being less physical as I reach a more advanced level of game. Flashy vs. effective game, you could call it.

*Arguably the best set of the night took place over the course of an hour. Somebody opened some French girls and we all started vibing. Then some knickerbocker wearing motherfuckers who looked like they were 21 came in. It’s like they were on cocaine they were acting so wild. They kept going for the girls, being extremely physical and aggressive, and they won in the end. Me and my wingman didn’t want to keep fighting for it. But we kept seeing the girls and dancing a bit and talking. Finally the cocaine teenagers left and we ended up with these girls upstairs on the balcony. Sat there for twenty minutes and talked. My girl was cool and attractive which is why I get so frustrated. She was giving me makeout eyes but I couldn’t fucking make it happen! Fuck me. It was the same thing as the Dutch girl from earlier in the night. We both wanted it but my game wasn’t up to the task. I did go for the kiss at some point but it wasn’t the right moment and she brushed it off. So I’m really working to refine this, going for the smooth makeout when I’m attracted to the girl. Maybe the problem is maybe not even that moment, maybe I’m just too invested in general. I’m not sure. I do feel like once I get this figured out my results are going to go through the roof and for that I’m happy.

*I should set a rule of 3. I go for the kiss 3 times before I bounce to look for a new set. I’m bitching about not being able to get makeouts enough but I’m usually only trying once or twice. Need to be doing more.

*The entire night felt a little bit fucking off. Like when you watch a pirated movie and the soundtrack doesn’t match the video. I felt like I was hitting the gas when I needed to put on the brakes and slamming on the brakes when I needed to put on the gas. I think that I just didn’t have the experience I needed to make the most of the circumstances. I still had a fucking blast but my results could have been so, so, so much better with a few tweaks. If only I knew what those tweaks are..