Me, talking to a girl in her ear: “Remember, it’s up to you to be the life of the party. It’s up to you to lift everyone up, don’t let them drag you down. You’re like the crane holding them up. You’re like the third twin tower that didn’t collapse.”

Her: “What do you think of me?”

Me: “I think that you’re very cute and I want to kiss you, but all your friends are right here and they’ll see.”

She turns around and starts leading me towards the exit of the bar. As we walk I say:

We would have beautiful blonde children together. We’re both good looking and our children would be too. They would be swimsuit models and they would have lots of friends.”

Out of sight of the friends we both stop and then we kiss. It last a moment, then she walks back to her friends and I go home. 30 day challenge over! Holy fucking shit do I feel good about it. I grew a lot with this challenge. A huge part of that growth came from the self trust that I’ve developed. There were about 7 nights this month when I really, really did not fucking want to go out, but I went the fuck out and approached. Stepping the fuck up and doing something you’ve committed to, regardless of your bullshit emotions, is amazing. I feel very good about myself in a very healthy way. It’s the result of discipline and taking action, not some false accolade or new iPhone.

Also, I currently have an unwavering conviction that I can get good at game. My last plateau sucked so fucking hard that figuring it out has given me 100% faith that I’ll get through future plateaus. And I don’t think it’s going to be all that long before I’m going to start getting laid. A lot…


*Technical mistake. I’m at the bar with this girl (who I would kiss later on) and I wanted to move her to a different, secluded area of the bar. She’s hesitant but I amp it up and am very insistent. She finally agrees but she says that she’ll leave her purse on the bar stool. Her friends are 10 feet away, the bar is almost empty, I think fine, whatever. However, as soon as we get to the secluded area she says:

I can’t leave my purse there.”

And so we have to go back. We grab it but now she won’t go back to the area with me, she wants to hang with friends. So the simple lesson here is that you should always make sure the girl has her purse with her. Never let her leave it somewhere because she thinks “We’ll be right back” or whatever.

*I’m getting better at backing off and letting girls invest / chase me. Better, but I’m like 1.3% good at this if 100% is the best person on earth at this. I have some serious room for improvement. Mostly that comes down to viewing myself as the prize, not jumping to fill in silences, not asking too many questions, taking time to think about answers, and even speaking a bit slower.

*I’m really fucking excited for the coming months. Game is 300% more fun with the viewpoint of “get the reference experience” as opposed to “try for the result”.

*Technically I did 34 days in a row since I went out the last 4 days of March as well 😀